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Internet picture of a Wolamute - Alaskan Malamute/Timberwolf Mix

wolf hybrid malamute kills 8-day old baby in lee county virginia

According to a police report, the parents of the infant heard her crying. When they came into the bedroom, they discovered the dog standing over the bassinet.
“The, of course the child, according to the statements was in a bassinet, there was blood in the bassinet where the dog had attacked the child. …It was very serious injuries to the upper body and the head; the child had been seriously mauled by the animal,” Parsons said.
According to Sheriff Parsons, the initial call came in around 11:40 a.m. Wednesday that a family pet had attacked a baby.
The baby was first taken by family members to Lonesome Pine Hospital.
From there the 8-day-old infant was transported to Holston Valley Medical Center, and then to UT Medical Center in Knoxville.
Parsons said the baby girl passed away at UT Medical Center around 4 p.m.
Sheriff Parsons said this is an ongoing investigation with the Lee County Department of Social Services.
"I'm concerned about whether the child was the tough part for me is who is in the right and who is in the wrong, and you hate to charge parents that are grieving over a child, but at the same time you have to consider the rights of the child. We are investigating in coordination with the Lee County Department of Social Services and animal control. We will get all of our information together and present it to the commonwealth’s attorney to see if there are any charges of endangerment or neglect to the child,” Parsons said.
The family has two other older children and two other dogs.


JONESVILLE — An 8-day-old girl succumbed to injuries inflicted by the family dog on Wednesday, Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons confirmed.

Parsons said his office received a call for assistance at 11:46 a.m. Wednesday from a residence in the Seminary community, an area located not far from Big Stone Gap. By the time deputies arrived, the child’s father had already left with the infant for Lonesome Pine Hospital in Big Stone Gap.

Parsons said deputies were told that the dog,  "A LARGE SHEPHERD TYPE," "  attacked and mauled the infant as she was in a bassinet. Parsons said the baby suffered injuries primarily to the upper body and head. He said she was transferred to Holston Valley Medical Center in Kingsport and then to the University of Tennessee Medical Center, where she died just after 4 p.m.
The incident “is being looked into” by the sheriff’s office, the Lee County Department of Social Services and the county animal control department, Parsons said. The dog is currently “locked up in the local pound,” he said


LEE COUNTY, VA - (WJHL) -  According to Sheriff Gary Parsons of the Lee County Sheriff's Office, A FAMILY DOG  mauled an 8-day-old baby at their home Wednesday. 

He told News Channel 11 the baby girl passed away at UT Medical Center. 
Sheriff Parsons said the call came in around 11:40 a.m. that a family pet had attacked a child.  Within a matter of hours, the child was initially taken to Lonesome Pine Hospital, then Holston Valley Medical Center and then to UT Medical Center in Knoxville.

Parson said the baby girl had extensive injuries to the upper part of her body.

The family's dog is with the Lee County Animal Control.
Sheriff Parsons said this is an ongoing investigation with the Lee County Department of Social Services.

The family, we're told has two other older children. 
We will continue to bring you more information as it becomes available.

2018 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES - 4   (2 children -2 adults)


KY - 1
LA - 1
OK - 1
VA - 1


1)  1-9 - LAURA WILLIAMS RAY - 50's - BROWNSVILLE QUACHITA PARISH LA - She died from injuries after a pit bull mauled her at the Happy Hounds pet boarding facility where she worked - A FB friend said she was cleaning a kennel around 11pm when the 50 pound pit attacked her -  The owner had signed a form for the pit saying it was not aggressive and had never shown aggression - She was the mother of 4 children.

2) 1-15 - RYLEE MARIE DODGE - 3 - DUNCAN OK - Officers responded to a call of a child being attacked by a dog inside a home - The pit bull had been given to the child's father by a friend about 5 days previous and was being kept at his mother's house in a fence that went around the front yard - The young father said in a video that he had left the child with his mother to go visit his brother for about 20 minutes when he received a call about the attack - He rushed back home to find his mother laying on the pit bull to try and keep it from continuing to attack his daughter - He said that the child opened the door and the pit bull rushed in and began the attack and that there was blood all through the house - His mother was injured from trying to keep the dog off his daughter.  

3) 2-15 - DAVID G. BROWN - 46 - OWENSBORO KY - At least 3 dogs were living at the home - one of the dogs tried to attack responding officers and was shot and killed - Comments on Facebook from witnesses are calling the maulers  PIT BULLS - They are saying that 2 of the 3 meat grinders were involved in the attack - Apparently the victims Pits were fighting and they intervened to try and separate them - His wife Dana was injured and he died  "from a heart attack due to complications from the injuries of the dog attack".

4) 3-7 - UNIDENTIFIED 8-DAY-OLD INFANT GIRL -  LEE COUNTY VA - Sheriff Gary Parsons confirmed that about 11:46am Wednesday a large Shepherd type dog mauled an 8-day-old girl in her bassinet and she suffered extensive injuries to her upper body - A family member  first drove her to Lonesome Pine Hospital in Big Stone Gap - From there she was taken to Kingsport and then flown to UT Medical Center where she died about 4pm - Another news report said the dog was a "Mixed Breed - Then the final word came that the animal that killed the 8-day-old infant in her bassinet was a male 3/1/2 year old WOLF/MALAMUTE MIX. 


Anonymous said...

I personally don't believe that dogs recognize infants as little people. Infants look and act more like squeaky toys than people. Because of this, I really don't believe that any dogs are responsible for this type of killing. I think the parents/caregivers are more responsible than the dog for this killing. The rule that no dog should ever be left unattended with an infant was ignored; and, as a result, an infant is dead and a dog acting on instinct will be destroyed.

Anonymous said... is reporting that the "dog" is a Wolf Hybrid.


Anonymous said...

Why won't people learn?

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

I'm not sure now about that picture of the pit looking mixed breed dog. It did not state that that picture was a file photo. Regardless, why would anyone let any large dog near a newborn?

Anonymous said...

I obviously don't know if the killer was really a wolf dog. There is a lot of misinformation with people saying dogs are wolf hybrids when they really aren't. Some idiots think the introduction of wolf genes in dogs is a fantastic idea. At any rate, wolves have extremely high prey drive, as they have to hunt to survive in the wild. Only an insane idiot would leave an infant unattended with a wolfdog. Maybe the family didn't want the baby. Better check to see if there was life insurance on the baby.

Anonymous said... has a photo of the wolf hybrid in question. I still cannot comprehend why anyone would have a wolf around their baby? Are people that stupid that they do not understand that wolves are wild predators? I do not accept that a half-dog, half-wolf could be a safe pet.

I want a cobra hybrid! It's a cobra mated with a garter snake. It's perfectly safe to have around infants and small children.

These parents are idiots, and it's too bad that the infant had to lose his or her life, instead of mom and dad.

Anon 11:58, I always wonder the same thing, did the parents even want the kid? How else do we explain such reckless behavior?

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

My son and I were at our vets before our basset hounds died, maybe 2015-16, and he asked the vet about keeping wolves. She said it is restricted in Alabama and she also mentioned that rabies vaccinations have never been tested on wolves/ wolf hybrids and there were questions as to the effectiveness of the vaccine on these animals. I have never heard that mentioned before.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has neither approved nor licensed a rabies
vaccine for wolves or wolf-dog hybrids. Most veterinarians, however, agree that the existing killed
virus vaccines will work on wolves and hybrids, and vaccinate the animals accordingly. These
practitioners may later find themselves faced with liability for vaccinating a hybrid that subsequently
becomes rabid. This risk causes some veterinarians to refuse to vaccinate hybrids. Those who do
vaccinate cannot rely on the unproven theory that the killed virus vaccines will work, and must
protect themselves by having the owners sign a statement acknowledging their understanding that
the efficacy of the vaccine remains unknown and that the state Department of Health will not
recognize the animal as having been vaccinated. Thus, vaccinating a hybrid against rabies will not
provide any warranty that the animal will not contract the disease. Because there is no acceptable
rabies vaccination for a wolf-dog hybrid, under Georgia law, if someone is bitten, the animal could be

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said... has a picture from a facebook page of the kennel that sold the family the wolamute and that was one BEAUTIFUL ANIMAL!!!

I remember finding a story of an infant death here in Alabama on Google Archives that happened I believe in the 1980's, I'll have to look it up, anyway the baby was placed on a bed in a bedroom with a window in it in grandparents home. The young mother left room....a German Shepherd type dog that was chained up on a runner outside was able to jump through the window and killed the infant without any noise. No one knew until they came back to check on the baby later that the dog had killed the baby!

We don't know yet what really happened here but I find myself asking, "Surely they didn't have this animal in the house, in the same room with this newborn baby?"

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

June 12, 1982 - Warrior Al - A guard dog owned by the great-grandparents of a 7-week-old baby jumped through a screened bedroom window and attacked the sleeping infant killing him, police said.

"Roy Emmanuel Hamilton Jr. was lying in a back bedroom of his great-grandparent's home on Friday afternoon when the 4-year-old dog, still leashed to a cable with a 20-foot chain, tore a hole through a window screen and jumped through," said officer Myron Massey.

The dog--a mixed breed --but mostly German Shepherd --was taken to an animal shelter and destroyed.

"I don't know what made him do that," said the infant's father, Roy Hamilton.

Rosa Davis, the child's great-grandmother, said she was in the front of the house when she heard the baby's cries. The baby's mother, Elaine Hamilton, had gone to her own residence next door. Mrs. Davis told Police the child was bitten several times on the head and shoulders. The dog, Joe, was standing beside the bed.,5603982&dq=german+shepherd+dog+attacks+child&hl=en


"The animals 20-foot chain was attached to a 100-foot cable just behind both houses, allowing it to run back and forth," said Jimmy Davis, the infant's great-grandfather. "He was pretty mean. He didn't allow nobody around the back yard." The baby was pronounced dead at Carraway Medical Center in nearby Birmingham, hospital officials said.

Anonymous said...

Veterinarians normally vaccinate wolf hybrids for rabies, as vaccine is used to protect people from rabies exposure. There is absolutely no reason not to vaccinate them. However, since rabies vaccine has not been proven to produce immunity to rabies in hybrids, in my state, wolf hybrids that bite are to be euthanized immediately and tested for rabies. Even if the bite is a minor one, this is true. Wolf hybrids are NOT quarantined for ten days. They are destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Rabies or not, wolf hybrids are a BAD IDEA! I would think rabies would be the least of any concern. Wolves have bone crushing bites, are known killers, and are not domesticated. If anyone gets past those reasons not to get a wolf they deserve to get rabies!

Farmer Jane said...

I've had a change in opinion about people who allow dangerous dogs around their children. I assumed that most of them just listened to the myths perpetrated about the breed in question and didn't know any better. The wolf hybrid has been greatly romanticized historically, and, like the pit bull, is often said to be a great and loyal pet.
I thought that most of them just didn't know any better.
But then I got to thinking about my own search for a good dog for my children. They were 2 and 4 at the time. This was back in 2000, before I was aware of the deaths and maulings that go hand in hand with pit bulls and their ilk. I didn't know what kind of dog I wanted, but I had a list in my head of dogs that I felt were unsuitable to have around children of that age: Small dogs, chows, GSD's, pit bulls, rottweilers, dobermans, and huskies were the main dogs on this list (wolves weren't on the list because they weren't even a consideration). I don't know where I picked up this knowledge, but I knew they were dogs that were not suitable for children. I knew. No one could have changed my opinion and convinced me to adopt or buy any of those breeds to keep around my children. I'm not a brilliant person. I am not an expert on dog behavior. But I knew. These parents should have known. They should have known. It's not rocket science. It's common sense and protecting your children. I'm uncomfortable putting blame on parents. As a parent you do everything you can to keep your kids safe. We put our kids in car seats and childproof our homes. We put fences around our swimming pools and put trigger locks on our guns. My brother-in-law got rid of his much-loved 12 foot Python when his daughter was born. I'm really conflicted by this. The parents have suffered an unimaginable loss, and who am I to point a finger and say, "You should have known"? But, damn, how could they not?

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

AMEN! Farmer Jane!

Anonymous said...

"I'm not a brilliant person. I am not an expert on dog behavior. But I knew. These parents should have known. They should have known. It's not rocket science. It's common sense and protecting your children."

I beg to differ Farmer Jane, you are brilliant in my book!

The parents did know. Wolves are not sold in pet stores, and you have to go out of your way to get one.

Most normal parents get normal dogs and treat them as if they are "wolves" when there are children involved. Yes, the breed matters and should not be taken lightly. Only insane parents bring home half wolves, and allow the wolf access to their precious babies that wolves see as prey. I mean, seriously, you'd have to be a complete zombie idiot that knows nothing of predator behavior to be oblivious that the carnivore you've brought into your home would want to eat your baby.