Saturday, March 10, 2018


UPDATE:  Four dog attacks in Eastland County all took place this past Sunday, including one attack that left a Ranger woman with serious injuries.
Ranger Police Chief Chad Roberts says Phillis Teague was walking down Hunt Street Sunday night when a PIT BULL  came out of a yard and began attacking her. A neighbor saw Teague being attacked by the dog and sprung into action to save her.
"While the dog was attacking her, he was able to get it away from her for a short enough distance to be able to discharge a firearm at the dog," said Roberts.
Teague was taken to a local hospital before being flown by a helicopter to a Dallas-area hospital later on while the dog who prompted the attack survived his gunshot wounds and was then treated for them.
The Ranger Police Department obtained a warrant to surrender the dog involved in the attack, as well as two other dogs, that were in possession of the PIT BULL'S owners. All three dogs are impounded and under a 10-day quarantine at the local animal shelter after their owners could not prove that any of the three dogs had been vaccinated for rabies.
"If they show signs of rabies, then they would have to go through a series of shots for rabies," Roberts said.
According to Roberts, Mike Casey and Rebecca Sweeney came forward as the owners of the dogs and says that both of them could be facing charges.
"They are looking at attack by a dog, which is a health and safety code violation which potentially could be a third degree felony," said Roberts. "It can range from probation to jail time, but it's a pretty serious offense to allow your dog to be able to roam enough to where it can leave its yard and its area and attack someone."
Roberts said the other three dog attacks reported in Eastland County on Sunday had no connection to what happened to Phillis Teague. However, Roberts urges Eastland County dog owners to prevent future dog attacks from occurring by following leash laws and making sure that their dogs are securely inside of their enclosed pens.


(KTAB) - It's part of her afternoon routine.

"I was going for one of my usual walks, a little bit later than I usually do," says Phillis Teague, a Ranger resident.
Teague walks her Ranger neighborhood to clear her mind and get some exercise. When she passes a specific area, she knows to be cautious of a few dogs.

"I turned around the corner. I didn't see the dogs so I figured you know, it was alright to keep going. I got a little bit further where it kind of gets dark and they come at me out of nowhere," adds Teague.

That's when Teague says THREE DOGS ATTACKED HER. She describes the agonizing moments that she can't get out of her head, "Torture. If hell was anything like that it would probably be pretty close."
She credits three men for rescuing her, "A man named Thomas, a man named Phllip and a man named Sylvester."

Teague was eventually flown to a hospital where she says she needed more than 300 stitches and that  THE DOGS  left nearly 400 puncture wounds.
The dogs are now in quarantine pending the investigation. The dogs owner, Rebecca Swiney, briefly talked to KTAB News about the incident, "My heart goes out to her, I feel really bad. I mean, If there's anything I can do, If she needs anything...I don't have a problem."

But Swiney believes only one of her dogs is responsible, "Zeus, that bit her, I plan on putting that dog down. I will not have a dog that bites. I will not."

She believes the other two dogs should be free.
"I just want fair justice, that's all," says Swiney.

Teague says, "I want to tell the owners that I forgive them and I hope that God shows them the same Mercy that they showed me."

The Ranger Police Department is not commenting on the case because it is an open investigation.

Teague says she plans to walk a different route once her wounds heal.

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Anonymous said...

IF Animal Control gets involved, it won't matter if the woman says all three dogs bit her. They'll tell the victim that her eye witness testimony isn't valid. They will tell her that there is no proof that ANY particular dog or dogs bit her unless an ACO actually witnessed it.