Monday, March 5, 2018


(KTUL)  Two girls recovering after they say a dog attacked them just feet from where they live.  Kairi Wise and Eberae Jennings are best friends.  Playing outside is one of their favorite activities, at least up until now. 

"I was up at the fence and the dog ran up and attacked me," eight-year-old Wise said.  It was a dog Wise had seen many times before.  "I thought it wanted to play," she said. "I didn't play with it though."  The dog didn't want to play. 

Wise says the dog charged at her, jumped on her knocking her down and chipping her tooth. 

"I tried pushing it off, I almost did but it attacked my arm and my chest,"  Wise said. "It put its jaw into my chest trying to rip out my heart." 

But Wise is strong and she got away.  While she was being cared for, the dog attacked again, this time getting 10-year-old Jennings, right outside of the owners home.

"I just couldn't feel anything at first," Jennings said. "It just bit me and there was nothing and then it bit me in the chest and there was nothing like I didn't feel the pain at first."  She froze. 

"I had no thoughts, I was just thinking how vicious it was," Jennings said.  Jennings had to get stitches and both will be doctoring their gashes for a while.

But, they won't have to worry about that dog anymore.  The dog owner says the dog is no longer on the property and offered to pay for any medical expenses.  While that issue is now resolved, the girl's parents say they were frustrated to learn Animal Control isn't out on the weekends.  

Both parents say they called the non-emergency line and were told someone could come out on Monday.  But, police say if something like this happens on a weekend, contact police and ask to speak with a supervisor.

The Greens of Bedford Apartment complex has pet policies that state tenants can't have dogs larger than 40 pounds and it doesn't accept certain breeds.  Those breeds aren't listed on the website.  The girls say this dog was not on a leash and looked like a PIT BULL MIX.

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Dayna said...

Just another day in the life of a town with pit bulls. So did the idiot owners have the thing put down or did they just give it to someone else?