Tuesday, April 24, 2018



My daughter Alexis (Lexi) Recio is an 8 yr old vibrant, bubbly and beautiful little girl. Unfortunately on March 6th a little after 5pm her whole outlook on life changed. She was brutally attacked by a  PIT BULL  on Fort Sill while waiting for her friend outside of her house.

The pitbull jumped the fence and knocked over my daughter. It then proceeded to drag her by her hair around the yard causing her to have grass and concrete burns on her back and shoulder. Lexi tried to kick the dog away but it only aggravated it more. The dog started to bite her on her right buttocks and her inner thigh area.

The dog scratched up her neck and tore into her skin. She is lucky that her friend came out and went to look for help. A very kind man saved her life and we are forever grateful to him.

She suffered severe wounds. She was taken to Comanche county memorial hospital then transferred to OKC children’s hospital because of the severity of the wounds. She is petrified of dogs now and when she was interviewed by the military police she said she was afraid she was going to die during the attack. 

To hear your child say this is heart breaking. Our baby has suffered so much with night terrors and anxiety plus the pain of having to have her wounds repacked 2 times a week. Lexi is a strong girl but has suffered. We want justice for Lexi because no child should ever have to fear being attacked while playing in the yard. 

please help us get a lawyer to bring justice against the owner of the dog and the housing company for not making sure that residents are following the rules. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your generous donations. We have spoken to a lawyer and we are in the process of getting things rolling. Without the help of each and everyone of you we would not have been able to get where we are. Please continue to pray for Lexi and share this post so that we can raise the rest of the money to help with the lawyer payments. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts❤️


Anonymous said...

Thought pits were one of the breeds banned from military bases?

Anonymous said...

oh geez. I just made the mistake of searching "military dog breed ban" and there are DOZENS of sites protesting the ban(s) and telling folks how to beat it.

Anonymous said...

Nutters act as if pit bulls were the only dog breed out there. They can break the rules all they want, but they can't get their pit bulls to stop acting like pit bulls.

Breed specific legislation would work, if it were ENFORCED!