Tuesday, May 8, 2018


    Just five hours after four people were injured in a dog attack in the North Sound, the animal was euthanized.
It happened around 12:30 p.m., off Cemetery Road in Arlington.  Police say four Jehovah’s Witnesses parked in front of a house and as soon as one of them - a 70-year-old woman - got out of the vehicle, a PIT BULL  attacked her.
“I just heard the screaming - I heard some screaming and I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I was on my phone and I just thought it was kids.  It sounded like a little girl screaming,” said neighbor Bryant Christy.
He was horrified to learn that it was a woman screaming for help. Two people inside the house and the three people who had been inside the car did what they could. Four of them were taken to a hospital; the most severely injured woman was rushed to Providence in Everett.
“It looks like the dog just escaped through the fence and was protecting its territory and we had very unfortunate results to that. The owner has done everything in terms of surrendering the animal to the police department - he even offered to do that,” explained Kristin Banfield with the city of Arlington.
Banfield says the owner went as far as to ask that the dog be immediately put down -  and it was.
“He was genuinely concerned; he wanted to make sure the safety of his family and the public was protected,” she explained.
“It was a good move on his part - what else can you do?” Christy said.
Neighbors say they have never seen the dog out, and police say they’ve never had any incidents with this owner or this dog. As of 5 p.m.Tuesday, there was no condition information available on the victims.


Anonymous said...

Pit bulls are great, until they aren't.

I personally don't think pit bulls are worth the risk, but nutters like to play pit bull roulette. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Anonymous said...

"It's Territory" ends at its fence, dumbass (whoever that was in the story).

100% liability for ALL PIT BULL OWNERS.

Farmer Jane said...

At least there is a pit owner who did the right thing and requested that his dog be put down.

There is a lady that comes around once a month to hand out pamphlets and talk to people about her religion. She is elderly and her son drives her, but stays in the car and lets her approach the houses on her own. In my opinion she is one of the bravest people I know. She's really nice and she and I have had many interesting conversations. Even though she knows she will never convert me she still comes once a month. She brought her little granddaughter to see my goats when they had babies. I worry about her a great deal. I've warned her, but she continues. She is harmless, and though some people resent the intrusion, what she does should not put her life in danger. Pit bulls make what she does life-threatening. How messed up is that?