Thursday, May 3, 2018


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A 4-year-old Caldwell County girl was attacked inside her home by the family pet Wednesday.
Family members said they had just recently adopted the dog from the humane society in Catawba County.
Justina Turner, the child's mother, said she and her daughter were in the living room of her home south of Lenoir when the 3-year-old 60-pound dog suddenly attacked the child, biting her face. She said the dog bit down so hard on her daughter that she wasn't sure at first how she was going to get the animal off her.
Turner said the dog nearly ripped her daughter's right eye out, and the girl had to get several stitches around her eye.

"I was in such shock,” Turner said. “I didn't know what was going on. Once I got the dog away from my daughter and saw the blood, it was the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my life."
The dog is in quarantine for 10 days to be checked for rabies at the Caldwell County Animal Shelter.
Turner said she didn’t know the dog posed a threat because it seemed friendly when she adopted it. 
"They really didn't tell us much about the dog,” Turner said. “They just told us to pick out a dog and to take it to the play yard to play with it. The dog seemed kid-friendly."
The humane society handles all adoptions in Catawba County from the intake to temperament screening prior to adoption.
"They're around these animals every day,” said Paris Wright, a visitor at the Catawba County Humane Society. “They see their temperament. They see how they carry themselves. So, I figured that's what they would be able to give me insight and they did."
Humane society officials said an adopted dog can act differently once it's in a home and around children. 
Turner said people need to be careful adopting older dogs.
"I just want him out of the house,” she said.
The Catawba County Humane Society adopts more than 1,000 dogs each year and has not had an issue like this.
The dog had been in the human society for more than two months prior to being adopted.

A 4-year-old North Carolina girl was attacked in her home by a 60-pound dog that her family adopted just four days earlier at a local humane society.
Justina Turner said the dog nearly ripped her daughter's right eye out on Wednesday, Charlotte station WSOC-TV reported.
"Once I got the dog away from my daughter and saw the blood, it was the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my life," Turner told the station.
The dog was friendly when her family adopted it from the Catawba County Humane Society on Saturday, Turner said. The family lives south of Lenoir in neighboring Caldwell County.
The dog was on Turner’s lap, playing with a toy, when Jazmine Turner might have touched the toy, angering the dog, Justina Turner told the Hickory Daily Record.
The dog has been quarantined for 10 days, Jenna Mullinax, Caldwell County animal control director, told the newspaper. The dog will then be evaluated, but, given its history, will likely be euthanized, she said.
Children are the most common dog-bite victims, and most are bitten by a family dog or another dog they know, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.
Parents should teach their children to respect a dog's space, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Children should know not to tease even the friendliest dog or take its toys, and to not bother it when it's sleeping.
North and South Carolina are two of the top states in the nation for dog bites, according to State Farm insurance. Any dog can bite, regardless of breed or type, according to State Farm.
In Missouri last month, a woman was charged with manslaughter after a dog she was keeping killed the 13-month-old girl she was baby-sitting.


Antidogbite said...

Are there really no other breed of dog up for adoption? Was the pit really your only choice? Why do people settle for these ugly monsters? Somehow I get the feeling this mother has no idea what it takes to own any dog (no matter the breed) A dog isn't an animal you get on a whim, they take effort, commitment and money.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like she's blaming the shelter for giving her a shit bull. Any parent that acts like they've never heard the horrible reputation that pit bulls have, is full of shit themselves.

If it's all in how you raise pit bulls, then why get an older pit bull? Should that not be a reason to avoid bringing home a pit bull? If it's an older pit bull, think about why it is in a shelter. It's not rocket science people, but with nutters, it might as well be.