Wednesday, May 30, 2018


(WVEC) -- A neighborhood in Hampton said they have been living in fear. A dog in the neighborhood is responsible for attacking three pets and killing one of them.

Community members said they called Hampton Animal Control, but nothing was done until Tuesday when they came and picked the dog up. Several calls had to be made to the city manager and city council.

“This should have never happened, my dog had a lot of life left in him,” said Joe Stillwell, who lives on Alcove Drive.

Stillwell was walking his Jack Russel Terrier, T-Bone, past his neighbor’s house on Saturday. That's when the  PIT BULL  broke through its backyard fence. According to Stillwell, T-Bone didn’t stand a chance.

"It was as vicious and as heinous as anything you could possibly imagine.  He basically ripped my dog in half, crushed his lungs, punctured his skull,"  said Stillwell. “I punched the dog. My hands are still swollen. I kicked the dog. I couldn’t get the dog to release.”  T-Bone’s injuries were so severe he had to be put to sleep.

Neighbor Richard York said it was the second time the dog broke through the fence. The first time was in February when York’s wife, and his two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, were attacked in their own backyard.

“As my wife was carrying the second dog into the house, the pit bull turned on her. Bit her on her left leg, knocked her to the ground,” said York.

Neighbors said Hampton Animal Control was called again, and again, but nothing was done.
“It’s very disappointing, sad, and disconcerting that T-Bone had to die before anything was taken seriously,” said York.

Neighbors said even this latest attack took three days before anything took place.

“I don’t feel that they are protecting us as citizens very well. If they can ignore something like this,” said neighbor Patty Johnson.

The owner of the pit bull, who has four young children, reluctantly turned the dog over to animal control.

“Kids are in the car crying right now because their favorite dog is being taken away because what happened to be a freak accident,” said Jessica Person.

Person said she never saw her dog as a threat to the neighborhood.
“Everybody else saw her as a threat but me, my kids, and anybody who came to the house, saw her as like the most loving person,” said Person.

Hampton Animal Control declined to speak to 13NewsNow. The fate of the dog will be decided in court.


Anonymous said...

The FREAK in this "Accident" is the freaking owner who wants people to cry for her because her poor choice in dog and her inability to contain it has caused this 100%. And, BTW, if HER dog is a PERSON, then the DEAD DOG was a PERSON too.


Hope the neighbors sue her for everything they can.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Person, I do not feel sorry for you. You get what you deserve. Joe Stillwell's dog is dead, and you feel sorry for yourself and your kids? Why didn't you do something about your mauler after the first several attacks? Oh, that's right, you're a nutter, and don't care if other pets or people get hurt by your mauler. You only care that the people in your house, or people that you invite over don't get hurt. GOT IT!