Sunday, May 20, 2018


A High Point woman is in the hospital after a dog attacked her. The attack only stopped after a man jumped in and beat the dog off her.  "Waking up to someone getting attacked by a dog unexpectedly -- it ain't the first thing you wake up to," said Dameon Cantrell, who was just a few houses up when the attack happened.

Dameon Cantrell recalls his wild morning.  "I was just sleeping, and end up hearing somebody screaming for help and ended up waking up," said Cantrell.
Cantrell was just a couple houses up says usually he wouldn't even be there, but today he was in the right place at the right time.

"Ran up and tried to pull him off at first, but the way the dog was on top of her it was pulling her and I was kicking it and pulling on it until I grabbed a chair and tried to hit it with the chair and get it off her because by that time it was getting a little out of hand," said Cantrell.
Cantrell says the dog, which he says looked like a  PIT BULL, seemed focused on biting the woman wherever it could.

"Legs -- thighs -- arms -- hands. It wasn't even worried about me -- as I'm doing what I'm doing -- trying to interfere, it's just trying to bite her," said Cantrell.  Eventually, Cantrell and the victim managed to get the dog off and held it down until officers got there to take it away.

Cantrell's thankful he walked away with nothing but a bloody shirt -- and hopes for the best for a woman who's name he doesn't even know.

"I'm just glad shes okay. She ain't hurt too bad, or I hope she ain't hurt too bad," said Cantrell.  As for the woman we just know she was transported for medical care.
The dog has been taken by Animal Control Officers.  It is up to date on its rabies shots, and has been labeled as dangerous.


A woman was taken to the hospital Thursday morning after being attacked by a dog in High Point, according to High Point police Lt. Curtis Cheeks.
The attack happened at 10:45 a.m. at a home on Proctor Drive and a neighbor had to beat the dog off the woman.
The dog has since been captured by animal control officials and taken to a shelter. It has been declared dangerous.
The victim was identified as Deirdre “Dee” Meadows by her son’s fiancĂ©e. She told FOX8 Meadows is an animal lover and worked with a dog rescue group called “Susie’s Hope.”
She also said Meadows was bit all over her body, including six puncture wounds to her neck. Her injuries were so bad she had to be put under in the hospital.
Tammy Colegrove lives on Proctor Drive. She witnessed the attack.
“It was so terrible,” Colegrove said. “I have lived here all my life and I've never experienced something this bad. I’m still a nervous wreck over it. It tore my nerves up so bad.”
Colegrove says she saw Dameon Cantrell beat the dog with a chair. He was staying with a family member up the street.
“Just doing my part,” Cantrell said. “I didn't want the lady to get hurt so I had to do something, think of something.”
Now, neighbors are calling him a hero.
“She would probably be worse off than she is now if he wasn't brave enough to go in there,” Colegrove said.
A spokesperson for High Point police told FOX8 that animal control does have a previous report associated with the address on Proctor Drive. Someone who lived there went to the hospital with a dog bite in 2017.


Anonymous said...

Normal dogs bite and retreat. Not pit bulls! They like to kill people. But we're too stupid to realize that, and we treat pit bulls like normal dogs. Well, the nutters want to anyway...

Anonymous said...

I love the title, "High Point woman hospitalized after dog bite"

People are not hospitalized for dog bites. A trip to the ER, yes. People are hospitalized for dog maulings.

"High Point Woman Hospitalized After Pit Bull Mauling"

There, fixed it! But there is a media bias, ya know!