Sunday, May 6, 2018


An Oklahoma City woman is fighting for her life in a critical condition after she was attacked and mauled by a pack of FOUR PIT BULLS.
The woman—whose name has not been released—was walking along Northeast 29th Street on Saturday when the dogs lunged and brought her to the ground. Several members of the public attempted to help the woman but the dogs would not be deterred.

Speaking to News 9, Kwasi Stephens said the dogs just attacked her. “We were like dang, and I ain’t gonna lie, it got graphic, like limbs, you saw bone, blood. They had her arm, leg. They were just kind of ripping at her.”

Police were eventually called to the scene and arrived at around 9:30 p.m. They were forced to shoot one of the dogs to stop the attack. The rest were taken to a shelter.
“There were two guys that tried to help her,” Stephens said. “One dude with a bat, and one dude was just hitting on them but like, the dogs weren’t giving up and that’s when the cops were called. The cops started shooting at them."
One of the men attempting to stop the dogs with a baseball bat was local resident Roosevelt Alford. “Go to the door and look down the street and see these dogs attacking this lady and she was hollering for help.” 

After attempting to stop the dogs with a stick, Alford said he was forced to run back to his house for a baseball bat. “I just hit one with a stick and it broke over him. It didn’t faze him at all so I got back and got my bat, went back down there and got to hitting and that didn’t help either,” he said.
“They were snatching and pulling at her. They were tearing her apart.”
Alford is now bed-ridden with injuries after one of the dogs turned and attacked him. The attack was so severe he lost consciousness. “I tried to get back to the porch and got back and fell out,” he said.

He was bitten on the legs and back. He also suffered a broken arm. 

A woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition after she was mauled by four vicious dogs Saturday night. 
Oklahoma City police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened.  A witness tells us a woman was walking down Northeast 29th Street near Lindsey Avenue when  FOUR PIT BULL DOGS  rushed her, attacked her, and took her to the ground.
"Like four pits just attacked her. We were like dang, and d I ain't gonna lie, it got graphic, like limbs, you saw some bone, blood. They had her arm, leg. They were just kind of ripping at her," witness Kwasi Stephens said. 
Police were called to the area around 9:30 p.m. When officers arrived, witnesses say the victim was being attacked as neighbors tried in vain to stop them. 
"There were two guys that tried to help her. One dude with a bat, and one dude was just hitting on them but like, the dogs wasn't giving up and that's when the cops were called. The cops started shooting at them," Stephens said.   
Police shot one of the massive dogs to death. We are told they hit another dog, then corralled the three surviving dogs together until animal control arrived. Neighbors tell us the dogs frequently get away from their home and are aggressive.


One person is in critical condition and another is injured after being attacked by several pit bulls Saturday night. 

Police say two people were walking near NE 29th street and Lindsay Ave when the dogs started charging towards them.  When the authorities arrived they found 4 PIT BULLS attacking a male and female victims.

An officer on the scene killed one of the dogs with a shotgun after firing multiple rounds, causing the others to run away.
The female victim was transported to a near by hospital in critical condition. The male also received multiple injuries but was treated on the scene and is expected to be okay.
Police have blocked off several streets in the area and are currently searching for the other dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Do nutters think this shit is made up? IT'S NOT!

OH! I came across some notes I jotted down today. It was a quote from Ledy VanKavage, "They're not werewolves, they're just dogs." I beg to differ!
Pit bulls are exactly like werewolves, they need bullets to stop them!