Saturday, June 30, 2018


Thank you to everyone who’s reached out over the past 24h. Yesterday morning I took sparky out for a walk on a leash. While we were in my front yard, I saw my neighbors pit bull out of his yard and heading towards us. I immediately picked up sparky, but the pit lunged and grabbed ahold of my right arm. Somehow I was able to break free and try to run, but he got me again and wouldn’t let go. I made it over to the side door, with the pit still attached to me, and in one jerk, pulled my arm away and got inside. Tried calling 911, but he bit through my iPhone and broke it, so I stumbled to the back door and went in the back yard screaming for help. At this point, I’d lost so much blood, I could barely stand. Finally the other neighbors heard my calls for help, so they immediately called 911, and came over to help me. Someone was able to get in touch with my mom, and she headed straight over to get Sparky and bring him to the vet, while I went by ambulance to the hospital.
Sparky will most likely lose his leg, and I was left with extensive injuries to my right arm. Meeting with the orthopedic surgeon today to hopefully determine the next steps in my recovery process. Currently, I have very little use of my arm, hand and fingers and am unable to move my wrist.
This is awful—but it could’ve been SO MUCH WORSE. I always have my kids Thursday morning. Always. And they’re always the ones who bring him out on the leash while I’m loading the car up. A cancelled meeting is the only reason they weren’t with me that morning. Had it been my tiny girls who were attacked, they could’ve been killed.
Please, people...take care of your animals. Love them. Treat them like family. But still understand that they are animals. The owners of this dog claimed he’s never done anything like this before, but it only takes once to change someone’s life forever. I know I’ll never look at a big dog the same way.
Yesterday was the most painful and horrifying thing I’ve ever been though, and both sparky and I have a long road of recovery ahead of us.....but I’m so thankful because it could’ve been SO much worse.



boy killed by dogs Pointe Coupee

Debby LeJeune Stabiler Posted from someone in pointe coupee parish.....

It's been 7 years...7 missed birthdays...7 school years that's should've been full of learning and field trips and making friends...7 years of exploring this world and exploring likes and dislikes....
Instead it's been 7 years of missing his angelic face and beautiful voice...7 years of silence...7 years of nightmares and waking up with a broken heart that still cannot understand why he was taken in such a horrific manner and why he was taken so soon....

7 years ago, Blaise Landry was having fun playing in his front yard while his mom worked in the yard. 7 years ago, their irresponsible neighbor turned their 3 Boxers loose to roam the area and do whatever as they always did. 7 years ago, those dogs set their sights on Blaise...and they fatally mauled him right there in his own front yard while his mother fought to save him. 7 years ago, Blaise's mom and dad and brother had their hearts forever broken in one of the worst imaginable ways possible.

It's been 7 years and Blaise's absence only grows more pronounced. It's been 7 years and there has still been NO JUSTICE for this boy with the angelic face and eyes so blue that they put the blue sky to shame. Those dog owners were never charged with a crime. They didn't even get a citation for dogs roaming at large, much less face charges for their dogs' actions that were a direct result of their own irresponsible actions. How can that be? How is it that two dog owners, who refused to even say they were sorry, were able to go on about their lives, which included getting a new puppy just a few months later, all the while a family was left grieving the sudden death of their son that occurred because of their neighbor's' actions?

To this day I still don't understand the injustice in this situation. I think about Blaise and his family often. I have fought for changes in our local and state laws. I am still very vocal about people being responsible dog owners and not allowing their dogs just to roam loose. I've spent countless hours fighting BSL, pushing for the enactment of leash ordinances, pushing for harsher penalties for leash ordinance violations, and pushing for negligent homicide charges when an dog fatally mauls someone, and it's all good I guess, but I still don't understand why these owners were allowed to just walk away as if they did nothing wrong. I don't understand the lack of punishment. I can't comprehend that a child lost his life and never received the justice he and his family deserved at the very least. I'm appalled at local law enforcement for letting those dog owners walk. And I'm disgusted at those owners for being so hateful and callus that they didn't even show an ounce of regret or compassion.

Tonight, tomorrow, and every day thereafter my prayers are with Tammy and her family. Blaise touched a lot of hearts in his short time on earth. ❤️


Dayna said...

This is why I almost never let my kids walk our dog. I would never get over it if my child was attacked by a pit. I've always thought of myself as a dog person, but when this one goes from age/illness, I don't think I'll have another. Too many dogs everywhere and too many ignorant, irresponsible owners.

Farmer Jane said...

Dayna, I know exactly what you mean. Our dogs don't leave our yard unless we need them to help with our cows. Thankfully, this cattle lease is more rural and the only problem we've had is with coyotes, which, compared to what we've suffered from pit bulls, is no problem at all. My kids are mostly grown now, but when they were in middle and high school I never let them walk to or from the bus stop. I drove them and we sat in the car and waited. That short walk would have had them running the gauntlet of pits and left them vulnerable. They never rode their bikes around the neighborhood. They never were able to roam around the fields and woods with their friends. I feel that they missed out on some good times as children because they were held captive on our four acres. Held captive by idiots who couldn't be bothered to figure out how to erect a decent fence, or to at least make a good decision about what kind of dog to get.