Thursday, July 12, 2018


(KXII) - An Ardmore child is recovering from serious injuries to her face after she was bitten by a  PIT BULL  Sunday evening.  Ardmore Police Captain Keith Ingle says a three-year-old girl was with her mother visiting a friend at the house when the pit bull bit her face causing her lip and chin to be severely injured.

Ingle says the child was rushed to the hospital and went into the surgery.  The dog was taken to the animal shelter to be quarantined and monitored for signs of rabies.
"(The) parent wasn't expecting to go in this home and have her child harmed by a dog," Ingle said. "This isn't on the parent, this is on the dog owner."
Ingle says Thursday police were called to the house at the 1100 block of C street SE after an altercation broke out between the owner and a man who brought his mother to pick up property from the house.
Ingle says the owner ordered the dog to attack the man but the dog bit the older woman in the leg instead.
Police cited the dog owner - requiring him to quarantine the dog in the house or at the shelter and provide shot records. The owner did not have shot records for the dog and three days later the dog was loose inside the home when it bit the child.
"You know you can't go by the breed," Ingle said. "It's all about how the dog is raised."
"Depends on how the dog is raised and what situation it's in but I don't think pit bulls are all bad," Arnie Smith said.
Arnie Smith lives nearby and was saddened to hear what happened.
"I hate it for her because she will be afraid of dogs for the rest of her life," Smith said.
"The health department gets assigned these cases and then the District Attorney's office will look at it and look at the record of the dog, with having two incidents within this time frame I would say it's probably a good candidate to be euthanized," Ingle said.
Ingle says the little girl is expected to survive.
They will be sending the case to the DA to consider criminal charges against the owner whose name is not being released at this time.


Farmer Jane said...

So, a police captain and a random neighbor are dog behavior experts that can spout off their opinions on a potentially deadly dog breed. People like these, as well as the "journalist" who wrote the article and the agency that printed it, are all partially responsible for every mauling and death caused by fighting breeds. They're perpetuating a dangerous myth that puts children and senior citizens (also anyone in the vicinity of the dog) at risk of grievous injury and death. How Ingle, a person whose duty it is to protect and serve, can look at the bloody face of a child and repeat such lies is beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

The owner could not provide shot records after the first incident, but was allowed to quarantine the pit bull at home. The pit bull is being monitored for rabies at the shelter after the second incident.

It would have been better if the pit bull was removed from the irresponsible, reckless, and dangerous owner. There is a HUGE problem with Animal Control not enforcing laws. Why would anyone think it was okay to allow an owner that has no vaccination records, and sicced his animal on someone, to keep his dangerous and out of control pit bull in the home?

Now an innocent 3-year-old gets part of her face ripped off, and we have to hear about how not all pit bulls are bad? WHO GIVES A SHIT?!

This whole thing was preventable, but Animal Control is no longer interested in preventing terrible injuries to our most precious children. And I'm not talking about furbaby pit bulls, I am talking about the human children that we are obligated to protect.