Tuesday, August 7, 2018


(WGME) -- A Rumford teen has been released from the hospital after her family was viciously attacked by their neighbor's dog.
Police say it has been euthanized, but it wasn’t the first incident involving the dog or its owner.
Vicki Mitchell is home from the hospital with too many staples and stitches to count.
“The floor was a bloody mess in my house,” Vicki said.
The 17-year-old was attacked by her neighbor's dog on Wednesday when police say it escaped from the other side of the Rumford duplex.
Her mom, Alicia Mitchell, and sister, 18-year-old Ashley Mitchell, were also bitten. Ashley is still at Central Maine Medical center.
“If it wasn't for the neighbors across the street who came out and heard her yell for help, she would've lost her whole right leg,” Vicki said.
Police say the dog was an 8-year-old STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER, one of several breeds commonly referred to as a PIT BULL.
The dog has been euthanized, a decision Police Chief Stacy Carter says came without hesitation.
“Based on the history of the dog and the nature of this attack, absolutely,” Chief Carter said.
The owner, Eric Burns, was cited in May for having a dog at large, keeping an unlicensed dog, and failure to show proof of rabies.
Court records also reveal a civil lawsuit filed against Burns and the property owner, claiming the dog attacked a 13-year-old boy who lived in the unit next door in 2015.
Chief Carter says no criminal charges were filed in that case.
“The child was hiding around the property and was an unfortunate accident,” Chief Carter said.
CBS 13 tried to reach Burns at his home on Friday, but no one came to the door.
“When you have an animal, it's the way you raise it is how it's going to act toward others,” Alicia said.
Alicia wants Burns to be held accountable.
“He should at least apologize, you know. Like I’m a Christian so I will forgive, but I will never forget,” Alicia said.
Burns is due to appear in court later this month on charges stemming from the May incident.
As for this attack, the chief says the case is currently under review in the District Attorney’s Office.

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Anonymous said...

Charge the owner. Convict him. Send him to prison and fine his ass.

Then when he's paid his dues and done his time, then forgive him - but report him if you find he's got another pit/