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Nineteen-month-old Nora Sharp died after a dog attack at her Windsor Township home on Sunday night, according to the York County Coroner.

The attack happened in the 500 block of El Dorado Drive.An autopsy on Tuesday morning showed the toddler died of “multiple injuries due to dog attack," the coroner said. The manner is accidental.

"She loved bedtime stories, listening to music and dancing," it says. A celebration of life service is planned for Sunday at Friendship Community Church in Dover. The family is asking that donations be made in Nora's name to the NICUPS, the York Hospital NICU parent support group, the obituary states.The family told authorities that the dog was a  MIXED BREED  and was euthanized. 

Chief Timothy Damon said York Area Regional Police are still looking into the sequence of events that led up to the child's death. He said police are giving the family time to grieve.

"We're not asking them a whole lot of questions at the moment," Damon said. 

Officers also are still looking into the breed of the dog. "It's an unfortunate, tragic, isolated incident," Damon said.

Nora is the daughter of David and Carissa Sharp, and she touched many lives, her obituary states."


A 19-month-old toddler was pronounced dead Sunday night after she was mauled by her family dog in Windsor Township, according to York County Coroner Pam Gay. 

The attack occurred at the home about 10:15 p.m. York Area Regional Police, along with emergency medical responders, arrived at the home. The toddler was then taken to York Hospital, Gay said. 

"Despite emergency medical intervention, the female toddler was pronounced dead at 11:03 p.m. Sunday night," Gay said.  York Area Regional Police continue to investigate.  An autopsy, to determine cause and manner of death, will be scheduled, according to Gay.

"There's a lot of people affected, as far as first responders,"  Gay said Monday.  "The hospital is working with those affected ... that's my understanding.  "The toddler's name and address have not been released because additional family members need to be informed of her death, Gay said.

2018 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES -  30   (14 children + 16 adults)

PIT BULL - (CA 2, FL 3, IL, KY 2, LA, MD, NC 3, OH, OK, OR, PA 2, TX, DC, WIS - 21

CA - 3
FL - 3
GA - 1
IL - 1
KY - 2
LA - 1
MD - 1 
MS - 1
MO - 1
NC - 3
NV - 1
OH - 1
OK  - 2
OR - 1
PA - 3
TX - 2
VA - 1 
WA DC - 1
WIS - 1

1)  1-9 - LAURA WILLIAMS RAY - 50's - BROWNSVILLE QUACHITA PARISH LA - She died from injuries after a pit bull mauled her at the Happy Hounds pet boarding facility where she worked - A FB friend said she was cleaning a kennel around 11pm when the 50 pound pit attacked her -  The owner had signed a form for the pit saying it was not aggressive and had never shown aggression - She was the mother of 4 children.

2) 1-15 - RYLEE MARIE DODGE - 3 - DUNCAN OK - Officers responded to a call of a child being attacked by a dog inside a home - The pit bull had been given to the child's father by a friend about 5 days previous and was being kept at his mother's house in a fence that went around the front yard - The young father said in a video that he had left the child with his mother to go visit his brother for about 20 minutes when he received a call about the attack - He rushed back home to find his mother laying on the pit bull to try and keep it from continuing to attack his daughter - He said that the child opened the door and the pit bull rushed in and began the attack and that there was blood all through the house - His mother was injured from trying to keep the dog off his daughter.  

3) 2-15 - DAVID G. BROWN - 46 - OWENSBORO KY - At least 3 dogs were living at the home - one of the dogs tried to attack responding officers and was shot and killed - Comments on Facebook from witnesses are calling the maulers  PIT BULLS - They are saying that 2 of the 3 meat grinders were involved in the attack - Apparently the victims Pits were fighting and they intervened to try and separate them - His wife Dana was injured and he died  "from a heart attack due to complications from the injuries of the dog attack".

4) 3-7 - UNIDENTIFIED 8-DAY-OLD INFANT GIRL -  LEE COUNTY VA - Sheriff Gary Parsons confirmed that about 11:46am Wednesday a large Shepherd type dog mauled an 8-day-old girl in her bassinet and she suffered extensive injuries to her upper body - A family member  first drove her to Lonesome Pine Hospital in Big Stone Gap - From there she was taken to Kingsport and then flown to UT Medical Center where she died about 4pm - Another news report said the dog was a "Mixed Breed - Then the final word came that the animal that killed the 8-day-old infant in her bassinet was a male 3/1/2 year old WOLF/MALAMUTE MIX. 

5) 3-9 - LOXLI WILLOW CHAVEZ - 13 MONTH OLD GIRL - CAPE GIRARDEAU MISSOURI - Babysitter's  male Pit Bull Mix said to be around 40 pounds mauled the toddler to death - Cape Girardeau Police Facebook comments are about the only information coming out - Even the gofundme site tells us nothing but the baby's name
Later articles said the dog was a Pit Bull/Lab/Malamute Mix or "Mally Pit".

6) 3-24 - HONG SAENGSAMLY - 49 -  MILWAUKEE WI -  She was last seen by her daughter on  23 Friday evening - Her son went to check on her Saturday and found her fatally mauled - He shot one of her 2 pit bulls - Her cause of death was listed as blunt force injuries and multiple punctures due to mauling by dogs.

7) 3-25 - NOAH TREVINO - 6 - CONVERSE BEXAR CO TX - The family's large black and white Pit Bull Mix was tied up in the back yard and  Noah was playing - A relative looked out and saw the dog had the child by the neck shaking him - The family started CPR to  resusitate him and he was air lifted to hospital but was pronounced dead.  

8) 5-5 - GAIA NOVA - 3 MONTHS OLD GIRL  - SHERMAN OAKS AREA OF LOS ANGELES CA - A grandmother was caring for the infant when she was mauled on her head - It was reported that she went to make a bottle for the baby and one of the 3 family dogs got to her - The dogs are said to be a ROTTWEILER,  a LABRADOR, and a 10 POUND TERRIER - No word yet on which dog attacked the baby.

9) 5 -10/11 - TRACY GARCIA - 52 - CARTER COUNTY OK - Neighbor's 7 dogs - A pit bull and 6 other smaller mixed dogs mauled the woman in her own yard .... 

10) 5-16 - GEORGIA RUTH MORGAN - 75 - GULFPORT MS - The elderly woman often walked and picked up cans for money to donate to her church - A neighbor's 2 pit bulls mauled her when she opened the dilapidated fence gate and she was dead before officers arrived. 

11)  5-25 - GUAGE ALLEN ECKENRODE - 6 -  LAKEMONT BLAIR COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA - Mauled to death by the family pit bull. 12) 5-30 - LIANA VALINO - 8 MONTHS - MIRAMAR FLORIDA - The family pit bull at Grandmother's house ....

12) 5-30 - LIANA VALINO - 8 MONTHS - MIRAMAR FLORIDA - The family pit bull at Grandmother's house...

13) 6-13 -  PAIGE BRADLEY - 5-MONTH-OLD GIRL - CLAYTON COUNTY GEORGIA - A friend/babysitter's German Shepherd mauled her to death while she was sleeping on a bed in a separate bedroom.

14) 6-25 - DONALD STEELE - 91 - ARCATA CA -The Humboldt County Coroner's Office has identified the victim of a fatal dog attack in Arcata as 91-year-old man and the cause of death was injuries consistent with a dog attack.  The dog is said to be a pit bull belonging to his son.  


16) 8-1 - JAVON TORRES - 2 - PHILADELPHIA PA - PIT BULLS - 5 or 6 pits lived in house -  It is believed that 3 pits ravaged his body and officers shot 3 ....

17) 8-3 - KAREN BROWN, 57 - CHICAGO IL - She was walking in her neighborhood when a large pit bull that some say was a  "loose" or "stray" dog mauled her to death -

18) 8-9 - OLGA REKHSON - 64 - LAKE TILLERY MONTGOMERY COUNTY NC -  She went for her daily walk and when she didn't return her husband called for neighbors and friends to search - When they didn't find her 911 was called and Sheriff's deputies and search and rescue found her on the side of an unused road in the development - It was determined by authorities that she had been fatally mauled by a neighbor's 2 pit bulls.

19) 8 -  GURNEY WALKER - 75 - ROCKY MOUNT NORTH CAROLINA - PIT BULL - A 75-year-old man was fatally mauled inside a  home where he had been staying - 

20) 8-22 - DELLA RILEY - 42 - WEST PRICE HILL CINCINNATI OHIO - A young boy ran outside and alerted neighbors to a problem possibly that the woman had a seizure - Her pit bull then ripped her throat out - officers attempted to shoot the pit off her and she was shot during that but they say she was already dead. 

21) 9-3 - ROBIN CONWAY - 64 - COLUMBIA MARYLAND - Mauled to death in her backyard by a Pit Bull she had adopted 2 weeks ago.

22) 9-6 - TEENA CAROL MAWHORTA - 74 - MOUNT SHASTA CA - The elderly woman was sitting in a chair in the kitchen as her daughter was bringing her a glass of water about 10:30am  - She reached under the table to pet her pit bull mix when it attacked her and knocked her out of the chair and began biting her face and head ripping off a piece of her scalp - Her daughter attempted to stop the attack and was also bitten - The pit bull mix belonged to her other daughter Paula Jones - No news media reported on this attack and a GOFUNDME and a Facebook memorial page did not mention how she died. 

23) 9-6/9? -  MITCHELLE DEAN SEGERDAHL,  53, BAKER COUNTY OR - It is believed that he died after being attacked by one of his 6 pit bulls - 2 pits were found dead in the home and authorities believe he was trying to break up a fight between the 2 that were found dead - He was found on the 9th but he hadn't been seen by anyone since the Sept. 6.

24) 10-1 - SUSAN SWEENEY - 58 - LAS VEGAS NV - She was fatally mauled by a Mastiff Mix that the family had recently adopted. 

25) 10-6  -  Khloe Ann Williams - 7 MONTHS - CLEARWATER FL - Mauled to death by  Foster Home's Pit Bull Mix.

26) 10-12 - DENALI GONZALEZ - 2 - ALVIN BRAZORIA COUNTY TEXAS - Mauled to death bythe family's "NEW"  ???Leopard/Cur Mix??? - Her mother was returning home from shopping with the children and carrying bags inside when the dog suddenly attacked the toddler in the yard locking around her upper torso and throat and she was dead very quickly!!!

27) 10-14 - ANGELA SMITH - 55 - WASHINGTON DC -  Mauled to death by her own pit bull inside her home.

28) 10-27/28 - TRINITI HARRELL - 1 - EDGECOMBE COUNTY NC - Mauled by her family's pit bull mix, she  clung to life for a week after being flown to Chapel Hill - Her mother was playing with her at the back of her home along side the pit bull mix when he chomped down on her - Her mother could not make it release as she attempted to communicate with a dispatcher - an officer arrived and finally put enough bullets in the monster to kill it off her!!!

29) 11-2 -  APRIL COLLINS - 45 - WINCHESTER KY, Mauled to death by a family pit bull.

30)  11-4 - NORA SHARP -  19-MO-OLD GIRL - WINDSOR TOWNSHIP YORK COUNTY PA - On Sunday night the Family dog said to be a Bullmastiff fatally mauled her head, face and legs. 


Anonymous said...

Dogsbite is reporting that the breed has not been revealed. You know what that means? It's a pit bull. How do I know for sure? If it was a Labrador Retriever, it would be spread far and wide by the media biased, pit bull loving reporters. Anything to further their agenda of throwing other dog breeds under the bus.


Anonymous said...

I stand corrected! It was not a pit bull, it was a bull mastiff.

"Officers also are still looking into the breed of the dog. 'It's an unfortunate, tragic, isolated incident,' Damon said."

With 3 deaths in Pennsylvania this year, I'd say it's not an isolated incident. But hey! If you have your head in the sand, even this incident didn't happen!