Sunday, December 16, 2018


Dog attacked while out on walk in West Mobile
Dangerous dogs on the prowl in a West Mobile neighborhood. Animals attacking another dog who was out on a walk.
Everyday the owner takes her dog for a walk, but she never thought this would happen, two pit-bull type dogs charging at her and her beloved retriever.
Her dog Sky is recovering, while the two dogs responsible are locked up at the Mobile County Animal Shelter.  Laura Hancock Dowdy started screaming as the attack happened, desperate for help.
“He's got 2 drains, at least 16 stitches and too many puncture wounds to count,” she said.
The attack happening just a few hundred yards from her home, the two vicious dogs just not stopping.
“I felt like I was going to just watch him die, so I went and kicked the dogs as hard as I could,” Hancock Dowdy said.
But that was no use, the dogs would not let up they kept coming back, continuing to go after her 9 year old retriever. “They tracked us down, that was the scary part,” Hancock Dowdy said. “I get if you're walking and you walk past a dog, but for them to just mow you down like that, it was pretty scary.”
After the attack, the dogs were captured by animal control.
“Animal control did think when they came out that these dogs were bred to fight, they both had their ears cut, their tail cut, the skin was pretty poor,” Hancock Dowdy said.
She credits one of her neighbors for saving Sky’s life. Her vet said if the attack continued for another 30 seconds he probably would have died.
“If he hadn't come forward and risked his life, I mean a lot of people won't jump in the middle of a dog fight, because you can get bit and get hurt pretty bad, for him to not even think and jump in, I’ll be forever grateful,” she said.
While Sky recovers at home, waiting until he can play outside again, Hancock Dowdy’s employer sent the dog flowers.
“It's been very nice to know people care, it is an animal, but to me he's our family,” she said.
She said it is hard to prevent something like this, but her vet told her bear spray could help stop an attack.
As for the two aggressive dogs, if they are not claimed by an owner, Hancock Dowdy said animal control will put them down on Thursday.

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