Wednesday, January 16, 2019


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Anonymous said...

Without seeing the whole event in context I cannot know what the outcome of this attack was.Did the owner report his pitbull's attack or just leave? Did the videographer turn in the footage to law enforcement or was he actually involved?...That said let me make a few observations:1) notice the marked difference in the behavior of the two dogs - the German Shepherd never once touches the horse and the horse quickly ascertains that it was not a real threat. To that end The G. Shepherd appears to change course and warns The pitbull to back off and sprints a short distance (maybe trying to run a distraction?).The pitbull unrelentingly attacks the horse even when the horse mounts a dangerous defense and in just a few minutes knocks the horse to the ground and tears at it as it tries to get away. HARD NOTE: these two dog breeds act according to their repeatedly bred for and observed nature's. 2) The pitbull owner (who is egregiously culpable) takes his sweet time intervening and does not work in the horse's or anyone else's favor by: ie. running to get more manpower, calling the dog, or attempting to use a weapon to take down the's almost as if the horse is expendable but the pitbull is not to be harmed in any way. The predictable behavior on the part of the pitbull and the sadly craven behavior on the part of the pitbull owner and the outcome of both (what became of the horse?) is why pitbulls should be banned nationally. My personal recommendation is that they should not be impounded, rescued, or rehomed but destroyed. These are NOT PETS they are weapons in (or out of) the hands of idiots who could never assume responsibility or pay what it costs even if they wanted. After all, how do you bring back the dead. I rest my case.