Wednesday, February 27, 2019


SARASOTA (WWSB) - Over the weekend, a child who turned 3 years old today, was mauled by THE FAMILY'S PIT BULL.
Kevin Smith Jr.'s (KJ) grandmother said her pit ripped off 75 percent of his scalp and he’ll need several more surgeries to recover.
Though he won’t be awake, KJ’s family traveled to All Children’s Hospital in St. Pete to have a Spongebob party for him Monday night, on his 3rd birthday, as he gets a second surgery on his scalp.
“He loves the outdoors, he always loves the outdoors and it just hurts, right now, it’s a lot of pain,” said KJ’s grandmother, Lottie Miller.
The young boy was at his happiest when he was playing outside with his family’s dogs. His grandma said he particularly loved her two pit bulls.
“They all grew up together," Miller said. "As he got older, they got older. He rode their back, he played with their tail. He went in the cage, he fed them.”
Miller said the dogs were family, and KJ was the epitome of a dog’s best friend.
“They never, in a million years, I never would have thought that these dogs, our dogs would have harmed my grandbaby,” Miller cried.
But on Saturday, when KJ walked up to his grandma’s 3-year-old male pit bull, the dog attacked.
“It hurts everybody because everybody loved the dogs, everybody loves KJ, so it just, like, hurt everybody," Miller explained. "It’s not easy at all.”
In a fit of aggression his owners said they’ve never seen before, the pit bull ripped off 75 percent of KJ’s scalp.
“To bite a known member of the family is very, very unusual,” said Dr. Alan Glassman, a retired veterinarian of 35 years.
Though this breed often has a bad reputation, Dr. Glassman said it’s highly uncommon for a pit bull to act in this way.
“Pit bulls, by no means, are outrageously aggressive compared to other types of dogs," said Dr. Glassman. "Unfortunately, they are powerful and if they bite severely, you can have bad injuries.”
Without knowing the exact situation, Dr. Glassman suspects something was wrong with the dog, like maybe he wasn’t feeling well.
“Maybe it is very protective of it’s own environment, certainly animals have food aggression," explained Dr. Glassman. "You come near a dog who’s food aggressive, you’ll get bit if they’re eating. Some dogs are possessive of where they’re laying.”
It varies, so Dr. Glassman’s best suggestion is to educate yourself on your dog’s habits.
Manatee County Animal Control has confirmed that it has possession of both the pit bulls. Only the male is believed to have attacked KJ, but the female pit was outside too.
Miller said she’s decided to put both of the dogs down because of this incident.
KJ will need several more surgeries, so the family has started a GoFundMe account to help pay for the expenses. To donate, click here.


Dayna said...

I don't know what rock this Dr. Glassman has been living under, personally I think he's a liar and pit owner, because I've noticed pits doing this sort of thing for quite some time now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dr.Glassman has never heard of ideopathic rage syndrome in pitbulls. What adult thinks it's okay for a child to ride any dog and pull its tail? Why do people choose a breed of dog well-known for attacking animals and people? Why not choose a safer breed? Were they breeding pitbulls because they thought there was a shortage of them. This is so sad for the innocent child.

Anonymous said...

Children pay the price for their families' bad decisions. It is abhorrent that adults think nothing of bringing meat grinders into their homes, and then cry that they didn't know that a pit bull was capable of such destruction. BULLSHIT! THEY ALL KNOW!

Lottie Miller, you thought you were special. You thought your pit bulls would never do what they did to your grand baby. You were wrong. How bizarre that your family threw a party for a badly mangled baby on his third birthday. You could have had a party where your grandchild was actually present, but you'd have to accept reality that pit bulls are awful animals, and SHOULD NEVER BE AROUND YOUR LOVED ONES.

Too late! The damage is done. Have fun explaining to your precious grandchild why he has no scalp. Like pit bulls have never removed someone's scalp before.