Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Neighbors are pleading for help to get killer dogs off Mobile neighborhood streets. They have been terrorizing folks in the Greenwich community for months. NBC 15's Rachael Wilkerson spoke to concerned residents.

Those dogs managed to escape the fence while they were there. Animal Control picked up one, but it is currently looking for the other.  Neighbors say they’ve filed multiple reports but the attacks continue.

"These PIT BULLS have terrorized our neighborhood. They have changed our lives," said Jerry Matthews.  A community is in fear. 

Linda Beauchamp was walking her dog when she was attacked by the dogs, knocking her to the ground.  "The dogs started pulling at my coat. He didn't touch skin, but he was pulling at my coat and then I saw my cat leap this way screaming away," said Beauchamp.  She’s traumatized.  "You don't know if they are going to chew you up when they are just pulling on your coat. I knew they were after my dog, but I wasn't going to let them have my dog either, but I couldn't stop them from getting my cat," said Beauchamp.

Days later, Beauchamp was sitting on her porch when she saw the dogs chewing on something in the yard.  "I didn't know if they had a little child or dog or what they had," she said. The dogs mauled her neighbor’s cat then turned on her. She barely escaped inside before they were growling at her door. 

Moments later, Beauchamp saw another horrific sight - her own cat - helpless.  "They were pulling it from each end and I was banging on the door and I was screaming.  I finally reached for my phone and called 911," she said.  The dogs were taken to the Mobile Animal Shelter that day nearly two weeks ago, but two of the three were released the same day."

Now, I am very scared about coming out here for any length of time because I am always looking around because I don't think I could take another fall," said Beauchamp.

Other neighbors feel the same sense of dread." It's just unsafe and we shouldn't have to live like this," said Jerry Matthews."  We are frightened in our own yards from these dogs," said Brenda Matthews. Brenda Matthews and her husband are heartbroken after they say a pack of dogs mauled their precious cat,  Aubie to death. "It's been awful. Aubie was like... well me and my husband never had children so this little baby was our child. We will be broken for a very, very long time - for a very long time," said Matthews.

One neighbor said the dogs get loose all the time and she is scared to let her baby outside not knowing if she'll be attacked in her own yard. Matthew said that fear spread throughout the community. "They are a danger to our society. They are a danger to this neighborhood and if there would have been a small child around, they would have murdered it and I say that drastically, because my cat was murdered. He was not just killed, he was murdered," said Matthews.

The dogs were taken to the Mobile Animal Shelter.  Matthews said she couldn't believe two of the dogs were released that same day."  I was told that these dogs were going to go home  BECAUSE THEY ARE SWEET, THEY ARE SO SWEET THEY HAVE SHOWN NO AGGRESSION TO HUMANS AND I WAS LIKE 'WHAT?!," said Matthews. 

Now she wants answers as to why were they let go.  She's made contact with the city and the animal shelter.  They told her they would look into it and get back with her."  As of today, I have not heard from them and I find that highly unacceptable - just unacceptable," said Brenda.

She wants owners to have a harsher punishment for allowing their dogs to roam free.  "I would like to see the fines increase if you have a dog caught outside, because I do believe if it hits people in the pocket then they'll do something," said Matthews.

NBC 15 reached out to Mobile Police and the director of the animal shelter. We were told she will not be back until Thursday.



Anonymous said...

Sweet, loving, adorable, misunderstood, rampaging, menacing, murdering, pit bulls.

Another case of Animal Control turning a blind eye to the reality of loose, non-rabid pit bulls. The other animals killed are of no concern. Someone has to die, and even then, the sweet pit bulls will be given a pardon.

Anonymous said...

Animal control is useless. They are only answering to the pit bull lobby these days. They should all be fired.