Monday, February 18, 2019


Feb 05, 2019  A  PIT BULL  that attacked two people at a Springfield home over the weekend will be put down, according to the Clark County Dog Warden’s office.  Dog warden officials removed the 8-year-old pit bull, named Paws, from the house on West Euclid Avenue on Monday after sedating him.

“The dog — when we walked into the house, was highly agitated and fearful,” said Kat Stewart, manager of the Clark County Dog Shelter.

The Springfield Police Division was dispatched to the home on Sunday night in regard to a dog bite complaint — but found a much more severe scene upon officers’ arrival.

Police records say the pit bull attacked the owner, 45, and the owner’s girlfriend, 46. An officer found the woman with severe cuts almost down to her bone, and she was fading in and out of consciousness.  Both of victims were taken to the hospital. The report says the woman told police at the hospital that the dog became upset when someone knocked at the door. The dog then attacked the woman and attacked the man when he tried to pull the dog off of her.

Springfield Regional Medical Center staff couldn’t provide an update on the woman’s condition on Monday afternoon. The man was reportedly treated for injuries to his hand before being released from the hospital.  He told the Springfield News-Sun on Monday that the woman would probably be in the hospital “for a while.”

Stewart said the dog shelter usually only deals with stray dogs or cruelty cases, but took on this case for fear of public safety. She said the owners have reported there may have been other bite incidents, but those haven’t been confirmed by the Clark County Combined Health District.

“If you are a dog owner, it is your responsibility to identify any possible behavior issues and address those with training, with however is appropriate to handle that,” Stewart said. “Anytime an owner faces an aggressive dog, it’s a battle. How do you handle your own pet that you love and care for that’s acting out or aggressive?”

The attack marks a third serious pit bull attack in Springfield within seven months.

In September, a child and the child’s babysitter were injured by a pit bull in a home on Linden Avenue.  At that time, the dog warden’s office said the child’s injuries were severe and required surgery. The owner also suffered lacerations and a broken finger.

Last July, a 6-year-old Georgia boy had to go to Dayton Children’s Hospital after being attacked by a dog.The boy’s mother said at that time, the boy received more than 200 stitches and plastic surgery. The boy was in Springfield visiting family when the attack happened in a house on Sherman Avenue. 

Just recently, State Rep. Niraj Antani, R-Miamisburg, introduced tougher legislation governing vicious dogs and their owners to the Ohio House. That legislation will call for defining dangerous, vicious and nuisance dog categories and increasing penalties for when dogs seriously injure or kill a person or kill a companion animal, among other restrictions.

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