Monday, February 18, 2019


When they found the naked body of a woman near the highway, with gouge marks and missing chunks of flesh, police first thought she had been tortured, raped, and thrown from a passing vehicle by a gang—another victim of Mexico’s violence.
But when investigators reviewed the CCTV footage near the toll booth in the city of Tecamac, Mexico, they concluded that she had been mauled to death by a PACK OF DOGS in an attack that lasted 12 minutes.
The woman was named as Margarita N, according to local reports, some of which put her age at 34others at 32.
Her body was first found on Jan. 29, but the video of the dog attack was not uncovered until Feb. 2.  The woman worked at a toll booth on the Mexico-Pachuca highway, about 3o miles north of Mexico City in central Mexico.
The full video shows that she was mauled to death by a pack of at least 10 stray dogs, according to Mexican authorities, as she made her way to her shift at a toll booth across some waste ground.
The CCTV footage shows Margarita N, 34, fleeing from a pack of mid-sized dogs in the city of Tecamac, Mexico, before she disappears out of shot.According to the municipal transport authority, she was dragged down out of sight of the camera, before the pack of dogs can been seen gradually pulling her back into shot in the video, which captures 12 minutes of the attack.
Some locals, however, do not believe the official explanation, according to Excelsior. , because they said that the woman’s wounds—which were initially labeled as machete wounds by one media organization—are not consistent with dog bites. They are demanding the authorities investigate the death more thoroughly.
Photographs of the woman’s body in La Prensa show her clothes lying near her body, and she is lying face down in the tarmac.
A video shared by the transport authority shows evidence that the dogs were being cared for, with rudimentary bedding as well as food bowls in a make-shift shelter.
The area will be monitored around the clock until all the dogs are rounded up because there is an education center nearby.
In 2017, a British tourist was missing in Greece for 2 days before her body was found with wounds consistent with being mauled by animals.
At first, it was assumed she had been attacked by a pack of stray dogs, but one local coroner had another explanation: that local wolves had attacked her, or had killed her after she had been attacked by a dog pack.
Attacks by individual dogs or domesticated dogs are better documented.
In the United States, around 30 to 40 people die each year from dog attack injuries, according to Richard Polsky, an animal behavior and dog-bite expert in Los Angeles. Polsky told Live Science that there are an estimated 100,000 are injured badly enough to require plastic surgery or extensive suturing.

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Anonymous said...

Words cannot express how angry this news story makes me. I have read a number of different sources, written comments in international media, and talked across the language barrier with concerned local commenters. I have seen the video and examined the forensic photos provided to the public (NSFW). The outrage just gets more intense. People would rather believe the police killed the toll booth agent or "SOMEHOW" she upset the dogs by running...sounds familiar doesn't it America? As the authorities began rounding up the at large dog pack some people even took to hiding some of them. An old friend of mine from Mexico City said "Well Tecàmac is a bad area with lots of poverty and the dogs just run the streets doing what they do"...DOING WHAT THEY DO - sounds like a new term to add to "SOMEHOW". But there are pockets of outrage among the citizenry against institutional impotence and against two of the most contemptible human activities of humans associating with dogs: 1) irresponsible ownership of at large dog pack individual dogs, and 2) do gooder feeding of stray dog colonies. With both activities there is no disciplined management of the dogs so they run the town. In my travels to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Easter Island,Thailand, Cambodia, Jamaica and some areas in USA I have seen menacing dog packs many times. They follow you, give you a dead eyed stare as you eat (no tail wagging just a cold hard stare indistinguishable from a rabies stare), block your path, bodily run against you, fight with each other over your dinner as you eat at a cafe, liberally urinate and defecate anywhere, dig through garbage, and pick at the carcasses of small and large (cows) dead animals. I wonder how those animals died. I wonder what these dog packs that have no puppy love for any human are capable of doing. These two errant human activities are what comes of not thinking about the consequences of one's actions no matter how noble. Do gooders, listen up, YOU ARE NOT HELPING ANYONE - NOT EVEN THE DOGS!!! To YOU as well as the irresponsible pet dilletantes it IS YOUR PROBLEM, TOO!!! If you are more focused on being humane gentle politically correct snowflakes than dealing with this dog at large problem expediently and effectively it will always be a problem - forever out of your control - without a resolution until there is a tragedy like Margarita's death. It is then that you will forfeit all agency and watch as tougher people you have forced into a no win situation execute for hard, quantifiable, permanent results. You turn compassion into contempt and callousness. May you not rest easy.