Thursday, February 28, 2019


(WRGB) - A brutal dog attack last week left a 7-year-old boy in Troy recovering and traumatized. Police say the boy was mauled by a pet next door.
Police reports recount the incident Thursday night, saying the dog latched onto the boy's leg and dragged him down the sidewalk before his mom and two witnesses were able to pull the dog off.
"Traumatizing," Troy Deputy Police Chief Dan DeWolf said. "Probably the terror that he must've felt while this was going on is just awful."
Troy police spoke out about an incident they responded to last Thursday in North Troy.  "All of a sudden, the boy is suddenly attacked by a ROTTWEILER," DeWolf said.

The police report states the young boy and his mom were getting in their car when a neighbor's dog got out of the yard and onto the sidewalk before the boy could react.
"That unpredictability, it's just not good," said DeWolf.
The boy suffered serious lacerations to his leg and was transported to Albany Medical Center, his mom says he's still on a long road to full recovery.
The case will be heard in court on Thursday - the first of its kind to go to court since a recent change in the city's dangerous dog ordinance. The new law will create a more case-by-case basis for a judge to go off of when it comes to what happens to a dog after an incident like this one.
"It was an unprovoked attack on a child, and obviously there's an issue with this animal," DeWolf said.
"My dog's a good dog," says Debra Waugh.
Waugh says she misses her dog Under, who was seized and taken to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, but she fought back tears talking to us about the boy next door, who she says she's heartbroken for.
She says they always make sure the fence outside their home is latched, keeping their dogs in.
"When we came out it was up like that," she showed us.
Waugh says it was a freak accident that has shook them all to the core - and feeling horrible for the little boy .
"It was a terrible accident, that's what it was."
The dog owners say they're less concerned about getting their dog back and more about their neighbor. They say even if they do get Under back, he'll be going back to the breeder instead of their house in north Troy. Again, a hearing is scheduled for Thursday morning.

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If the breeder is worth anything, they'll put the dog down if it's returned.