Tuesday, March 26, 2019


SPARTANBURG CO., SC (WSPA) - The woman who survived a dog attack while attending a funeral in the Upstate is speaking out.
Barbara Lee, 76, came home to Spartanburg County to attend her brother-in-law's funeral Monday at Wood Memorial Park on Gap Creek Road in Greer.
"I'm from here, my first husband was from here, and I still call this home," said Lee. 
As burial services ended, Lee said she walked a short distance by herself to her late husband's grave.
"I just leaned over and was repositioning flowers," she said.
Lee said that's when out of nowhere from over the hill near Gap Creek Road she spotted a dog.  
"It was running really hard and then as soon as he got to me he grabbed my leg then I looked up and here comes what looked like a pack of wolves to me," Lee said. 
Officials said  FIVE DOGS  escaped from the property across the street from the cemetery and attacked Lee. 
"I thought I was gonna die. I thought i was gonna die because they were vicious. They just surrounded me and I just started screaming 'help, help, help," said Lee.
Those screams drew the attention of her family members who came running to help. 
"When they came, two nephews and two great nephews, they came running toward me and they were clapping their hands and yelling and I was surprised how quickly {the dogs} left me," said Lee. 
"They saved my life," said Lee.
The five dogs, ALL MIXED BREEDS, are now under a 10-day rabies quarantine at the Spartanburg Humane Society Shelter. 
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The Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement Department said the dog's owner allowed the five dogs to escape and attack Lee.
According to the warrants, the five dogs belonged to Daisy Ann Anderson and said she knowingly and willingly allowed the dogs to escape knowing that they had a tendency to run at-large, bite or attempt to bite people.
Anderson was charged with five counts of Penalty for Owner of Dangerous Animal Attack and Injures a Human, according to the Environmental Enforcement Department.
She was also charged with violations of a local animal control ordinance.
Anderson was taken to the Spartanburg County Detention Center on an unrelated shoplifting charge in Greer and has since been released.

A woman was attending a funeral when she attacked by a pack of dogs, and the
animals’ owner has been arrested, according to Spartanburg County officials.
Five dogs escaped from their home and attacked a 76-year-old woman on Monday at Wood Memorial Park, WHNS reported.
The woman said she was attending a funeral for her brother-in-law and bent over to adjust the flowers on “her first husband’s grave,” when the MIXED-BREED DOGS  attacked, according to WYFF.
Witnesses said “one of the dogs was yanking the victim and trying to pull her,” and she suffered puncture wounds in the attack, WSPA reported.

The woman described her injuries as “bullet holes,” after dogs bit her hips and legs and did not stop until she was rescued by nephews, WYFF said.
The dogs’ owner, Daisy Ann Anderson, 44, faced charges after the attack because she knew her pets “had a tendency to run at-large, bite or attempt to bite people,” according to WSPA.
When officers went to seize the pets, they discovered 12 other dogs  at Anderson’s home, and she refused to sign them over, WYFF reported.
Eventually, the five dogs were impounded at the Spartanburg Humane Society, where they are “under rabies quarantine,” per WHNS.
The Spartanburg Environmental Enforcement Department said Anderson was charged with five counts for owners in dangerous animal attacks and injuries to a human, in addition to violations of a local animal control ordinance, according to WSPA.
Jail records show the Duncan resident was booked Monday on an unrelated shoplifting charge at the Spartanburg County Detention Center and was released Tuesday morning.


(FOX Carolina) - Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement Officers said Tuesday that  five arrest warrants had been filed against a Duncan woman after her dogs got loose and injured an elderly woman who was attending a funeral.
Spartanburg Environmental Enforcement Director Jamie Nelson said Daisy Ann Anderson was charged with “Animals/Penalty for owner of a dangerous animal attacks and injuries a human.”
The dog attack happened on Gap Creek Road Monday.
Nelson said Anderson’s FIVE DOGS GOT LOOSE  and attacked a 76-year-old woman.
“The victim suffered puncture wounds to her body from the canines,” Nelson said. “One witness on scene stated at one point, one of the canines was yanking the victim in an attempt to pull her."
The victim was attending a funeral at the time of the attack. The address of the attack is that of Wood Memorial Park.
The five dogs were seized and on Tuesday were under rabies quarantine at Spartanburg Humane Society on Dexter Road.
Nelson said animal control officers issued the citations at the scene and that Anderson was arrested on an unrelated charge.
According to  Spartanburg County Detention Center records, Anderson was booked Monday on a shoplifting charge filed by the Greer Police Department.


Anonymous said...

Can't even go to funerals without getting mauled.

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that the pack of maulers were schipperke lhasa apso mixes.

Anonymous said...

This article has some pics of her dogs. She has a bunch of different types, but guess what's mixed in?

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Thanks Anonymous 3:05AM ...Her dog "bones" looks like a pit to me! She's a hoarder and breeder and may not even realize it!