Tuesday, April 2, 2019


UPDATE:  https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/akron-canton-news/akron-woman-attacked-by-3-pitbulls-is-saved-by-strangers

MARCH 5, 2019  Three dogs are in quarantine after police say they attacked four people in Akron.
Three of the victims had injuries severe enough to send them to the hospital.
"I need paramedics and I also need someone that can get THREE PIT BULLS  off a lady, they're attacking her," said LaTona Gaines in a call to 911.
Gaines called for help after witnessing three large dogs attack a 36-year old woman in front of her house on Reed Avenue in Akron at about 10:30 a.m. Monday.
"She was like all crunched up and screaming. When they bit her, they bit her from here, all the way up to here, all that blood. Then there was a guy that got out the car to help her and they done gnawed his arm," Gaines said.
"I got out and I tried to get them off of her the best I could, I helped her get back in her van and at that point, one of the dogs redirected on me, got me in the forearm, kinda held on until I backed away, got my back towards the house. And I think he just got tired and let go, and all three dogs took off," Will Zaslavski said.
Police said the dogs also attacked a postal carrier, who pepper sprayed the animals, which then ran away.
About 30 minutes later, another woman was attacked and seriously injured by the same dogs on a nearby street. Several bystanders hit the dogs with sticks to help her.
An Akron police officer eventually cornered the pit bulls in a backyard until animal control officers arrived to capture them and take them away.
"You'll hear of dogs breaking leashes and attacking, opening doors and dogs running out, but it's your responsibility as a dog owner to maintain control of your dog, whatever the breed is," said Akron Police Cpt. Dave Laughlin.
All three dogs are in the custody of Summit County Animal Control. Police said when the owners are located, they could face several charges.
"Three out of the four were listed as having some extensive injuries. The one had bites to the head, the arms, multiple locations on her body," Laughlin said.
"It's the wrong people getting these breeds and unfortunately, the breed tends to suffer," said Zaslavski, who needed six stitches in his arm and two in his leg.

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