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The Dangers of Pit-Bull Activists Living Among Us
Pit bull attacks lab at Home Depot.
NEVER trust your beloved pet around a pit bull. Shelters and rescues are lying to you that pit bulls make safe family pets. 1 out 40 pit bulls severely attack a person or pet.
PIT BULLS ARE THE NUMBER ONE KILLER OF OUR PETS! Pit bulls were created specifically to kill other dogs.
Did you know that 38,000 domestic animals are killed every year by pit bulls (for comparison: 10,000 people are killed by drunk drivers every year)? Our neighborhoods have turned into killing fields for pit bulls. Not only that but many people end up getting hurt trying to save their pet.These devastated people who lose their pets are suffering from PTSD. Absolutely nothing is being done about it by our elected officials. FOLLOW for one month:
9 PIT BULL EXPERTS WHO DISAGREE WITH YOU! Below are cardinal rules by nine pro-pit bull orgs who have worked with thousands of pit bulls that most pit bull owners fail to follow: Why would we listen to you?
Two words to prove pit bull type-dogs are inherently dangerous: "BREAK STICK".
Pit bulls do not lock their jaws, but due to their "gameness" trait, they do not let go until they've mauled their victims to death. They have a wide jaw structure (it appears they are smiling) and are able to breath/pant while hanging onto their victim's flesh; to ultimately wear down their opponents. The panting allows pit bulls not to overheat so their chances of "winning" during the fight increases. These pit bull breed traits supersede any other dog breeds' bite pressure.
Does this sound like a normal and safe dog breed to have live in our neighborhoods? Pit Bull Rescue Central recommends ALL pit bull owners to have a "break stick", a wedge-shaped piece of wood used to pry open a pit bull’s jaw during an attack. "Since pit bulls have a strong fighting background, we recommend that pet owners also have a breaking stick as a precaution."…/break-sticks-tool-used-to-pry-op…
This person demonstrates how to use a break stick on a pit-bull:
Tia Torres, who has a T.V. show on Animal Planet called "Pit Bulls & Parolees", wrote this for Rescue Train. "It's a mistake to think the fighting gene can be easily trained or loved out of a pit-bull."
"Take note that a fight can strike suddenly and for no apparent reason. Warning signs can be very subtle with Pit Bulls and even completely absent in certain cases. Two dogs may be best friends for years, sleep together, cuddle, play and even eat from the same bowl. Then one day something triggers one of them and BOOM! Often the dogs act like best friends as soon as the fight is over. They might even lick each other's wounds. You have been warned though. They will do it again and get better at it every time. "
Pit Bull Federation of South Africa - PBFSA': "Pit bulls were never designed to be 100% safe with other animals."
Did you know pro pit bull org Bad Raps warns pit bull owners NOT to take their dogs to a dog park! Protecting our dogs involves avoiding situations - like busy dog parks - where dogs are so often set up to fail.
Here is another red flag! Petsmart does not allow pit bulls at doggie day camp. Furthermore, for the safety of all animals and associates, we cannot accept dogs of the “bully breed” classification or wolves/wolf hybrids including American Pit Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bull Dogs, Bull Terriers or mixed breeds that have the appearance or characteristics of one of these breeds. At the discretion of PetSmart, some pets may not be permitted.
Pit bull Knights Kennels state, "Never leave pit bulls alone with other dogs (or any animal). Even if your dog gets along great 99.9% of the time with other animals the Pit Bull is known for animal aggression and it is possible something will happen. A good piece of advice I received a long time ago was, Never trust your Pit Bull not to fight."…/a.46296515715…/1671131589666688/…
Please read 'HOW TO PREVENT YOUR PIT BULL FROM FIGHTING'. Bully Max is more honest than most shelters and rescues staff/volunteers who deny pit bull breed traits. They admit pit bulls are bred for fighting. It's best to own only one pit bull. NEVER bring an adult pit bull to an off-leash dog park We need to start being more honest about pit bull breed traits or we are setting people and dogs up for failure.
Why they think it's appropriate to rehome pit bulls after saying that is beyond me. Owning and adopting out predators of other people's beloved pets compromises public safety. These are zero mistake dogs. In my opinion it's immoral.
BENJAMIN HART, professor emeritus at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and animal behaviorist says, "It's quite common for a pit bull to show no signs of aggression. People will call it a nice dog, a sweet dog, even the neighbors - and then all of a sudden something triggers the dog, and it attacks a human in a characteristic way of biting and hanging on until a lot of damage is done. Hart said pit bulls are responsible for about 60 percent of dog attack fatalities each year, which is "way out of proportion" compared with other breeds. Pit bulls make up less than 5 percent of the American dog population. "It's very poor policy to allow any child around a pit bull, in my mind, let alone climb on a dog." More info from pit bull experts:…/no-one-can-be-g…
Most dogs warn you before they attack, growling or barking to tell you how angry they are—"so they don't have to fight," ASPCA adviser and animal geneticist Stephen Zawistowski stresses. Not the pit bull, which attacks without warning. Most dogs, too, will bow to signal that they want to frolic. Again, not the pit bull, which may follow an apparently playful bow with a lethal assault." More info :
According to Pit Bull Rescue Central, "It is a FACT that our pit bulls, AmStaffs and pit mixes come with a built-in fighting heritage. It doesn’t matter where we get them from, whether it be the pound, a stray we pick up, or a puppy we buy from a breeder. The majority of pit bulls will, at some point in their lives, exhibit some degree of dog-on-dog aggression. Yet, chances are that a "normal" pit bull will not share his affection with other animals. We cannot predict when or where it will happen and we can’t love, train or socialize it out of the dog. Pit bulls may not start fights, but they will finish them.""
HOW DO YOU THINK THEY GOT THEIR NAME IN THE FIRST PLACE? Pit bulls were originally bred to be put in a pit to kill 2,000-pound bulls = 'pit bull'. Then pit bulls were put in a pit to kill each other for blood sports.
Most normal breeds have a highly developed canine etiquette, with a language that allows them to resolve conflict without killing. In contrast, pit bulls have had this etiquette systematically bred out of them, for success in the killing pit. A normal dog will signal, bluff, air bite-nip, and only as a last resort will a normal dog really bite, and will bite and release. A pit bull skips all the signals and preliminary posturing and gets right down to killing, and once they start in on a victim they will not stop. Many a distraught parent has found out the hard way when the so-called family pit bull goes after their toddler and is oblivious to kicks, punches, baseball bats, etc.

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Every word is oh so true!

Pit bulls do not belong in neighborhoods. Pit bulls are not pets. As it stands right now, pit bulls are "get away with murder" dogs.