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Robert Joseph Quick suffered a heart attack and died while saving his five year-old daughter from a vicious dog attack. He was pronounced dead at Fort Madison Hospital, pictured right

UPDATE: Robert Joseph Quick, 33, collapsed after being savaged by the ‘very aggressive’ dog in Fort Madison, Iowa, on Friday. The animal bit his daughter in the face, prompting married father-of-four Quick to step in.

Police said Quick, who worked as a mechanic and welder, ‘undoubtedly saved (his daughter’s) life by his actions.’ 

When officers arrived at the house where the attack happened, they found the dog attacking Quick, who was laying on his back in the front yard of the home. It is unclear whether the dog which killed Quick was his own pet.

Police shot the animal dead so they could try and save Quick’s life, but he was pronounced dead at Fort Madison Hospital’s Emergency room shortly afterwards. 

An online obituary for Quick said: ‘He enjoyed working on and collecting cars, camping, music, fishing, mushrooming and spending time on the river. ‘Joe especially loved his children.’ Police say they are continuing to investigate the horrific circumstances surrounding Quick’s deat

UPDATE:  FORT MADISON, Iowa (KWQC) - Police say they shot and killed a  BOXER  after responding to multiple dog attacks in Fort Madison, Iowa.
Police say on Friday at 10:30 a.m., they were called to the 100 block of Avenue C for the reported attacks. Upon arrival, officers saw the dog attacking a 33-year-old man in a yard.
Officers say they had to shoot the dog and put it down to stop the attack. The dog has been identified as a brown boxer. 
Police say there were three victims total. Officials say a 5-year-old girl was bitten in the cheek, the 33-year-old man had multiple bites to his legs and arms and a third person, a 49-year-old man suffered superficial wounds and possibly a stress-related cardiac emergency.
Police say all three victims were taken to the hospital for further treatment.
The dog was taken to a local animal clinic as evidence according to officials.
Police are continuing to investigate and are putting the pieces together to determine what happened.


Authorities say a man is dead after a dog attacked him and two others Friday morning.
According to Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber, the Fort Madison Police Department responded to the attack at a home near the Old Iowa State Prison.
Weber says officers found  A LARGE DOG  attacking a different man who was lying on his back in the front yard.
Officers say the dog was very aggressive and would not release the man which prompted the officers to shoot at the animal to stop the attack.
Officers then found 33 year old Robert Joseph Quick laying in the doorway of the home suffering from the dog attack. Quick asked officers to help his 5 year old daughter who had been bitten in the face by the dog.
Officers say Quick defended his daughter and “undoubtedly saved her life by his actions.”
The sheriff says Quick later died at the Fort Madison Hospital ER.
According to Weber, the case is still under investigation pending an autopsy to determine the exact cause of Quick’s death.


FORT MADISON, Iowa (AP) - Authorities say a man died after saving his 5-year-old daughter from a dog attack in southeast Iowa.
Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber says 33-year-old Robert Quick, of Dallas City, Illinois, was one of three people attacked Friday by the dog outside a home in Fort Madison. Weber says  OFFICERS HAD TO SHOOT THE LARGE ANIMAL BECAUSE IT WOULDN'T RELEASE A MAN WHO WAS PINNED ON HIS BACK IN THE FRONT YARD.
First responders soon found the wounded Quick lying in the home's doorway. Weber says Quick asked medics to first help his daughter, who'd been bitten on the face. Weber says Quick "undoubtedly saved her life by his actions."
All three victims were taken to Fort Madison Community Hospital, where Quick was pronounced dead.
Weber didn't say what actions Quick had taken or provide the names of the other man and the girl. Weber didn't immediately return an Associated Press call Monday.

2019 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES - 17  (7 children + 10 adults)

PIT BULL - 5  (FL, KY, CA, TX, KY)

TX - 5
CA - 2
FL - 2
KY - 2
MA - 1 
MS - 1
NC - 1
NV - 1
SC - 1
TN - 1

1)   1-9 -  Dianne Reves - 70 - Grenada County MS - A total of 7 dogs were taken into custody - The Sheriff's Department reported she suffered about several hundred dog bites - Facebook posts from a neighbor shows the dogs were GERMAN SHEPHERD/BLUE TICK HOUND MIX.

2)  1-21 - Ed Stanley - 85 - Amarillo, Potter County TX - He was severely mauled over his entire body by a PIT BULL AND A SHEPHERD MIX on his driveway - A passerby came to his aid but he died 2 weeks later -

3)  2-7 - Ashton McGhee - 1 - Guthrie KY - The 1-year-old baby boy lived in Hopkinsville KY and was visiting his grandparents' home when one of the family dogs came in from outside and attacked him - The Chief of Police said the PIT BULL MIX may have been spooked by a thunderstorm and then spooked again by the ball the child was playing with - "IT'S AN UNFORTUNATE FREAK ACCIDENT".

4)  2-8 - Elaine Richman - Houston TX - She owned two DOBERMAN PINSCHERS  that she trained as show dogs - She was found dead in her backyard with bite marks over her face and body. 

5)  2-15 - Angela Johnson - 54 - Anza Riverside County CA - On Dec 15, 2018, she was hanging out clothes on a line in her yard when a neighbor's 3 pit bulls mauled her - A main artery was bitten into on her neck and she suffered a severe stroke - She remained in a coma and died on Feb 9, 2019.

6) 2-21 - Nancy Burgess-Dismuke - 52 - Greenville SC - She was playing in her yard with 2 of her dogs said to be  BOXER MIXES - Neighbors heard her screaming and at first thought they were just playing, then realized they were mauling her  - several men came running and hit the dogs with various things but the tiny woman had lost so much blood from her upper extremities ... "one arm was hanging and the other was bitten off!!!"

7) 2-26 - Bessie Jill Peterson - 88 - Pall Mall Pickett County TN - She was airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center after being mauled around 5pm by a neighbor's dogs - 6 GERMAN SHEPHERDS - Her sister, who was in the home with her, says that she went outside to check on a drainage ditch and the flooding in her yard when the dogs attacked - She tried to help her sister but the dogs chased her back in.

8) 2-27 - Johnnie Mae Garner - 88 - Lubbock TX - Family members believe that the neighbor's dogs were trying to get to her dog in her backyard and she was trying to scare them away when they mauled her.  

9) 3 -5 - Jacari Long - 6 Months -Salisbury NC - The child's babysitter had gone outside to the car to clean off a seat for the baby boy when she heard her mother scream and ran inside to fine her ?PIT BULL/BOXER MIX? mauling him - He was taken to a local hospital then airlifted to Winston Salem where he was pronounced dead. 

 10) 3-8 - 2-Year-Old Boy - High Springs Alachua Co FL - While in the care of his grandmother who was who was letting out large dogs at his aunt's house - 2 of the dogs mauled the boy - He was pronounced dead at the scene and the grandmother was injured trying to save him - 6 dogs were taken from the home - They were adopted dogs from Rescues and appear to be Boxer/Pit mix, and various mixed breeds and a large Dogo Argentino - The 2 dogs that killed the baby were an American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull) and an American Bulldog.

11) 3-13 - Jimmy Lee Grigg - 53 - Galveston County TX - The Sheriff said he was fatally mauled by 3 dogs owned by a relative on the Grigg's property and he said the dogs were MIXED BREED INCLUDING ONE HEELER/MASTIFF MIX - Cause of death was from blood loss - His brother was the one that called 911 for help - A neighbor reported that she had called animal control several times because it sounded like dogs fighting on the property.

12) 3-22 - Jaysiah Chavez - 2 - Fresno CA - Apparently the child was in the care of his grandparents when he went into the front yard - Other children ran in to tell the grandmother that dogs had the child - She tried to get the 2 Rottweilers away and save him, as did the grandpa, but he died from the injuries.

13) 3-23 - Johana Villafane - 33 - Irving TX - She was visiting her 2 Pit Bulls that were quarantined at O'Connor Animal Hospital for biting someone earlier in the month - Someone noticed her lying unconscious outside in an exercize area - Responders could not get to her because of the viciousness of the meat grinders so police shot them - She was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries and later pronounced dead. 

14) 4-27 - Kyna Marie Pamela Deshane - 15-Months - Henderson NV - The child was fatally mauled by a 4-year-old Rottweiler owned by a family friend while she was at her grandfather's house - She was rushed to Henderson Hospital with Life-Threatening injuries and was pronounced dead there.

15) 5-2 -  Isaiah Geiling -  2 to 3-year-old boy - Louisville KY - A woman ran from the small house in the Chickasaw Neighborhood to a next door neighbor saying a Pit Bull was attacking a child - Two men ran and began attempting to get the very vicious large dog off the child who was laying face down in pools of blood and barely breathing - He was rushed to a hospital but died from the massive injuries - It is now being reported that the Monster had attacked him before. 

16) 5-9 - Christine Liquori - The volunteer was found dead inside a fenced play area at the Humane Society of St. Lucie County - Fort Pierce FL - A medical examiner ruled that she died from severe blood loss due to dog bites.  

17) 5-9 - Ryan Hazel - 14 - Dighton Bristol County MA -  The teen's grandmother had driven him to his job at Scott Dunmore's house where he took care of about 11 dogs when Dunmore was in Boston - This usually took him about 45 minutes - When he did not return to his Grandmother's car, she called neighbors who came and found him severely mauled in the backyard - 4 dogs were loose and 7 were caged up ...3 Dutch Shepherds and 1 Belgian Malinois.  


1-24 - Patricia Henson - 8-Months-Old - Tucson AZ - She was found dead with a dog near her - Severely and Catastrophically Mauled - An autopsy report of 3 bags of stomach contents showed baby teeth and skeletal fragments - A neighbor reported seeing a German Shepherd taken from the home - Her mother, Breanna Henson was arrested and charged with child abuse - more later.....

2-15 - Brenda Hamilton - 77 - Pantego Beaufort County NC - She was attacked around 6am on Friday morning on Indian Run Road - Canine DNA was found on her - Investigators are collecting DNA from "canines" in the area to find which animal horribly and fatally mauled her .....

5-31 - Robert Joseph Quick - 33 - Died after defending his 5-year-old daughter from a large dog said to be a BOXER attacking her in the face - Officers arrived to find the large dog attacking a man lying on his back in the front yard - The dog refused to release so they shot it - Then they found Quick in the doorway of the home suffering from the dog attack and he ask they to please take care of his daughter who had been attacked in the face - He later died at Fort Madison Hospital ER - Autopsy pending to determine exact cause of death.

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