Wednesday, July 31, 2019



So, I go to Walmart to pick up a few things two weeks ago.  It's mid morning and not so crowded, but still a few people picking up bananas, bread, milk cause its Monday.

Suddenly I'm seeing a man walking fast and he's coming around the banana table with a leash in his hand pulling on a ratty, nasty looking dog that I think was a gray or silver Poodle. Its hair was really long and matted so really it might not have been a poodle.

The man was pulling on it because it was lagging behind smelling to everything and raising its leg and peeing on each thing it smelled. At one point the man slowed down and that little boy dog let it fly on bananas that are in boxes beneath the table.

I looked around and several people saw it but turned their head and left.  One woman verbally acknowledged to me that something needed to be done about this.  So I walked to the front of the store and looked for someone to report that a dog was urinating on things in the store.  I finally found a man around the check- out lanes who looked like a co-manager or something and I told him.

He said he would get someone to talk to the dog owner and clean up the pee but if it's a "SERVICE DOG" they can't say a word ...not even ask the owner any questions at all.

I walk back to the fruit and vegetable area and waited for a few minutes and finally an employee comes over and starts wiping the pee up but nobody is going to find the man and his dog.  So I push my cart down about 3 aisles and there they are...that little dog raising his leg on anything and everything and the man dragging it along behind him.

At one point on the cereal aisle the man began talking to a young couple for about 5 minutes and he let go of the little dog's leash and it just wandered around smelling to all the groceries on the lower shelves. Then I watched them round the last aisle at the back of the store and I watched as the "service dog" hiked his leg one more time and peed on a stack of boxes as they went by the refrigerated juices.

I grabbed what I needed and headed for the front of the store and as I was checking out the co-manager? that I had spoken to came up and said, "Everything's O.K., We just need to talk to the man and tell him he needs to get his service dog some more training. It's just not trained good enough."

I realized that they had not said a word to that man and did not plan to! OH WELL!!!

So, last Friday, July 26, around 3pm I decided to go to Cracker Barrel to eat a vegetable plate and bring Pop back a plate to go.  I've been doing this for years and never had a problem and usually at mid afternoon there's not a big crowd.

It's very hot outside - mid 90's - I go in and walk up to desk to ask for a small table for one, and .... OUT FROM THE DINING ROOM COMES A HUGE GRAY BIG HEADED WIDE MOUTH PIT BULL PULLING A TATTOOED SMALL WOMAN BEHIND IT.  It was pulling so hard its body was almost on the floor and I froze because that thing was 2 or 3 feet from my legs and I can't back up because there are people and shelves crowding the area.

It appeared that the tattooed nutter took the pit outside and I'm thinking ....They are gone...They've left and I'll go ahead and be seated.  They only have 1 area open in the dining room.  They've closed both the 2nd and 3rd areas I guess for cleaning after the lunch crowd.  So they seat me at a table against the wall and I'm the 3rd table from the window. All the other tables around the walls are full and all the tables down the middle have been pushed together and lined up for a party or something. I get my tea and order my vegetables and my meal to take home.

Suddenly the small tattooed female nutter and her pit are back inside. She must have taken it outside to take a dump.  She came dragging that huge dog down the aisle beside me and sat down with 3 other people at the window table. I am facing them and they are about 8 to 10 feet away. The pit sprawled out on the floor....and I'm saying out loud ....NO, NO, NO, NOT IN CRACKER BARREL.  PLEASE GOD NO, NOT IN CRACKER BARREL!!!!!

I tell my server that I want to be moved to another room.  She says no server is working those areas at this time but she will see what she can do. I wait and all the waitresses are busy because that room is full.  Everyone has arrived for the party in the center of the room and all the tables along the walls are filled with elderly people. It is so loud and they've lowered the lights and lit those lanterns on the tables so its sort of dark and everyone seems oblivious to the DAMN PIT BULL LYING ON THE FLOOR.

So I gather my tea and utensils and walk to the next room and sit down at a small table on the far side of the room.  About 5 minutes later a young man about 25  came over and said he was a manager and could he help me?  I told him that there is a very large dog lying on the floor in the other room with a small woman who may or may not have control of it.

He said that they were not allowed to ask questions about "SERVICE DOGS".  I said back to him. "That's no service dog as in a dog trained for years to lead the blind or physically handicapped person.  She may be calling that dog an "Emotional Support Dog" but she can obviously walk, talk, and eat by herself and she has the strength to hold on to that large animal pulling on a leash in front of her.  That is no service dog in the true sense of the word - service dog. And if that dog decides to go pit with about 40 + noisy people crowded in this room, you want be able to get it off of the person it chomps down on.  You will have to get someone to shoot it off!!!"

I told him that in the last 5 years I have so enjoyed having a Cracker Barrel close to my home for meals for my elderly husband and me.  Now that he can not go out with me, I go by myself and order him a meal to go.  But now I need to carry a concealed gun in Cracker Barrel with me???  But that would not even work because in one lunge that dog could latch on to my arm or leg and take me down.  I could not get back up on my own and I could never get to a gun to use it.  My life would depend on someone else with a gun that has the training and knowledge that could kill it off me.

I waited and waited for my food and it was cold.  I ate and got my meal to go for my elderly husband and went to pay and all I could say for the rest of the day was .......I'M GOING TO WAKE UP FROM THIS BAD DREAM...SURELY TO  GOD I AM DREAMING.  THEY ARE NOW BRINGING HUGE FIGHTING BREED DOGS INTO CRACKER BARREL WHERE SO MANY ELDERLY PEOPLE ARE COMING TO EAT.  THIS CAN NOT BE HAPPENING!!!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it is happening. When I grew up, only legit service dogs were allowed in stores, restaurants, post offices, doctor offices, etc. Now, dangerous dogs are given a free pass to invade every single facet of our lives. We don't have a choice because entitled, self-centered, arrogant, Prima Donnas need to bring their fur babies shopping or dining with them, because the nutters just can't cope with life.

G.Haynes said...

I live in England (Pit bulls are banned) but I have a genuine,legally recognized Emotional Support (E.S)Dog. Unlike the ratty,matted and dirty mutt you encountered,my dog is wormed,de'fleaed and well groomed. He is capable of detecting and warning about impending Panic Attacks before any symptoms appear.But he is also trained not to sniff at shelving or cock his leg when working.Most genuine working dogs are properly trained, well socialized, friendly & people orientated breeds,NOT 'bully' types which are most commonly used by fakes as an essential part of the Pit Bulls are great narrative.Ironically the biggest problem I usually encounter is shop staff wanting to fuss my dog.. As Charlie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "courtly and of good manner."