Tuesday, July 16, 2019


THREE PIT BULLS  viciously mauled a 56-year-old man in Detroit early Monday, local media reports said. The attack left the man in critical condition, police said. 
The incident took place in Warwick just off Schoolcraft outside a home, where the dogs lived. According to police, the man was attacked in the shoulder by three pit bulls near the home, which had no fence around the yard. Police said the dogs' owner was there during the attack.
“It’s scary. I don’t walk around here. I do see loose dogs but not too many," Carmen Warren, a neighbor, told local media. Another neighbor told 7 Action News that the pit bulls who live nearby are often aggressive. The neighbor also said that despite the warning signs outside the home it is not always possible to avoid such instances.
“I tell my my kids not to walk around too much here. They like to walk to the gas station a lot and I tell them to be careful," Warren said.
A spokesperson for the city of Detroit told 7 Action News that Detroit's Animal Care and Control (DACC) was working to contact the owner of the three dogs. An investigation is currently underway into the incident. 
The DACC intends to "impound the animals to assess them during a mandatory quarantine hold. During this time, we will continue the investigation and determine whether the dogs present danger to others."
Pit bulls are a ferocious breed of dogs and have been often associated with unprovoked attacks. Last month, a woman and her pet dog were attacked by three pit bulls in Marlborough, Massachusetts. According to a local report, the pit bulls broke through an open window at a home and attacked the woman and her dog, a German shepherd. 
“She got attacked from three pit bulls,” neighbor Allan White said at the time. “She really took a beating from that animal.” White added that another neighbor stepped in to stop the attack.

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