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Monday fatally shot an  AMERICAN BULLDOG  named Otto after a “horrific” attack that left a woman covered in blood, Sheriff William Snyder said.

The 63-year-old woman injured in the incident, Cheryl Stone, is the mother of the dog’s owner, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff's officials were called before 6 a.m. to a home in the 5600 block of Southeast Matousek Street in the Rocky Point area. “As they moved toward her, the dog just was lunging and growling and they would not have been able to get to her without being attacked,” Snyder said.

A deputy fired three shots from a 12-gauge shotgun, killing the 4-year-old dog, which Snyder said weighed more than 100 pounds. When deputies arrived, Stone was on the ground, screaming, an incident report states. Blood surrounded her, and investigators saw "scattered strands of hair" on the ground, according to the report. “It was apparent that Ms. Stone was in desperate need of help,” a report states.

As deputies tried to get closer to Stone, the dog wouldn’t let them.“Just shoot the dog,” Stone is quoted as saying.  A deputy fired, which Snyder said was the correct thing to do.

“The victim had managed to crawl inside her screened enclosure by her front door,” Snyder said. “It was clear … that she was seriously injured."

Martin County Fire Rescue crews took Stone to Martin Hospital South, a report states. Snyder said the injuries were serious but not life-threatening. A hospital spokeswoman could provide no information on Stone Monday afternoon.

Stone told deputies she was walking her son’s dog when it went after a rabbit. She said she was pulled down by the leash into a table. She said she thought when she fell, the dog might have thought she was on the rabbit, and that’s when the attack started.

Hours after the incident, neighbor Steve Puglisi, 35, said he heard screams and didn’t know what was going on. “It was scary,” he said.
The Martin County Sheriff's Office says the dog seriously injured the woman during the attack on Matousek Street, just south of the Port Salerno Waterfront District.
Sheriff William Snyder says the dog, a 145 pound AMERICAN BULLDOG, belongs to the victim's son. The woman had taken the dog out for a walk when the attack took place.
Officials say the woman sustained several puncture wounds to her head and body.
Sheriff Snyder says his deputy did the right thing by shooting the dog and saving the woman's life, saying at that point, "there is no room for negotiation."
The Sheriff's Office also released the "chilling" 911 calls leading to the rescue.


Wednesday, August 28, 2019





Akron police are looking for three people who are wanted for questioning in the aggravated robbery of Acme Fresh Market on Friday. Police said one of the suspects sicced two dogs on the grocery store manager when he asked the remaining two suspects for their receipt after the duo allegedly walked out of the store without paying for an entire cart full of groceries.

The incident happened at around 12:45 p.m. at the Acme Fresh Market, 2147 East Avenue, in Akron. The victim, a 55-year-old man, was released from the hospital Monday after sustaining cuts, bruises and other injuries to his legs.
The incident has left even veteran law enforcement officers dumbfounded.

“In my 22 year career, I’ve never heard of a situation where somebody has while in the commission of a crime like this used an animal to facilitate that,” said Capt. David Laughlin. “You just wonder if they would be willing to take it a step further. What’s too far for somebody who uses these dogs as weapons?”

According to a police report, the store manager was following up on a report that the male and female had shoplifted an entire cart full of groceries and other merchandise when he went out into the parking lot Friday afternoon. The victim then approached the suspects to ask for their receipt.

“They had some options up until that point. They could have said sorry and given it back. They could have gotten in their car and drove away. They could have tried to take some of the stuff and drive away,” Laughlin said. “But they escalated it to the point where it turned into an aggravated robbery. You take a misdemeanor offense and turn it into a serious felony.”

As the victim approached the alleged shoplifters near their red Chrysler SUV, another suspect made a hand motion to attack the store manager as he approached.

The victim reportedly told police that it appeared as if the suspects had trained the dogs to attack the suspects on command. After the dogs began biting the victim’s legs, one of the suspects called off the dogs before the pair of pit bulls returned to the vehicle.

“These dogs could have mauled him to death which would have escalated it even further,” Laughlin said. “Also what it does it’s a black eye for responsible pet owners who have dogs as a family member. [The victim] was just doing his job to see if somebody paid for these groceries and to have these dogs attack him, his life has changed forever.”

Laughlin said detectives are currently viewing the store’s surveillance video and following up leads related to the description of the suspect’s vehicle, a red Chrysler Pacifica. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Akron Police Detective Bureau. Citizens can also provide information anonymously by contacting Crimestoppers.

Anyone with information about the alleged dog attack and theft is asked to call the Akron Police Department Detective Bureau at 330-375-2490.


A woman in Cape Coral says she was walking two dogs when she was attacked by another dog early Friday morning.
Dog walker Dakotah Howard was out with her friend’s dog, Sadie, as she does every morning.
The woman says an off-leash GERMAN SHEPHERD aggressively approached her.
“We had just left the house we were about four houses down and it was six in the morning, so still really dark out,” Howard said. “A German Shepherd just kind of popped out at the end of the driveway, right down the street, and then was right upon us going after Sadie.”
No leash. No owner in sight. Sadie got bit several times.
Howard says she eventually got between the two dogs as struggled to push the German Shepherd off, “The only thing I could think of was just block any point of entry for him.”
She says the dog ran away and they still haven’t tracked it down.
“It didn’t have a collar, no leash, no identification but it looked normal and healthy like it was someone’s dog,” Howard added.
Sadie’s Owner, Heather Stump, says the dog is a bit shaken up but she is OK, “She was pretty rough this morning. But the pain pills have kicked in and she’s doing OK.”
The second dog Howard was walking was uninjured in the incident.
They’re hoping this incident will remind others to keep their animals on a leash, so something like this doesn’t happen again.
Lee County Domestic Animal Services responded to the scene Friday morning. They say they still haven’t tracked down the dog but will be on alert for animal attacks in the area.


ther dog while on a walk over the weekend, and now she wants the other dog's owner to be held responsible.
Nelva Pleto told Local 10 News she had her 6-year-old dog Clover on a leash Saturday when a dog, she identified as a  PIT BULL, that was off its leash came running toward them. 
"I tried to fight with the dog to get him off of my dog," Pleto said. 
The attack almost severed one of Clover's legs.
"His arm (was) just hanging there," Pleto said. "I could see the blood and bone and everything, and I couldn't do anything because there was no one to help me."
According to a police report, Pleto's neighbor's dog got loose from its owner's yard in Miami-Dade County's Sierra Ridge community and latched on to Clover's leg. 
Pleto tried to free Clover and was knocked to the ground during the chaotic moments, the report said. 
"When Clover came in, he was in very unstable condition," veterinarian Dr. Jason Horgan said. 
Horgan and his medical staff at Leader Animal Specialty Hospital performed an amputation on one of Clover's legs and gave the dog several stitches to save its life.
"Due to the trauma, most likely to the blood vessels that supply to the leg, we had to elect amputation. The risk of repair was too great, and we were concerned about the viability to the leg," Horgan said. 
The attack doesn't sit well with Pleto, who was left with more than $5,000 in veterinarian bills.
While she said she is grateful for the animal hospital staff who saved her dog's life, she wants the owner of the dog who mauled Clover to be held responsible. 
"I thought he was dead. This place did a marvelous job to save his life," she said. 
Miami-Dade Animal Services said the investigation is ongoing and when they finish going through what happened, they will determine if fines will be issued.
The owner of the dog that attacked Clover could not be reached for comment.
GoFundMe page has been created to help Clover's owner with his medical expenses. 



In November of 2013, we adopted a little dog from the town animal shelter. We named her Foxy. She had been adopted two times and returned before she found her forever home with us. Foxy and my husband immediately bonded on their long walks together twice a day, total six miles. She loved to greet the neighbors and they loved her gentle, sweet nature.
On Thursday, Aug. 8, at 5 p.m. my husband and Foxy, who weighed just 24 pounds, were attacked on Skyline Ranch Road by TWO PIT BULLS. The dogs came out of an open gate at the first residence west of the old junk yard. They crossed over behind my husband to the south side of Skyline and began their surprise unprovoked, deadly attack on Foxy. My husband tried desperately to hold her up in the air but the two pits were able to pull them both down to the ground. The dogs were not phased by his attempts to fight them off.
Poor little Foxy was so viciously attacked that she could not even be stitched up as not enough of her belly skin was left; her hind leg was pulled apart from her body; she was covered with bite wounds; even her beautiful green and gold eyes were bruised and bloody. After two days of pain and suffering, she lost the fight and had to be put down.
I share the details of her injuries at the risk of exciting and encouraging these pit bulls’ owner, but I want people to know how dangerous these trained killers can be.
If our neighbor had not happened to drive up on the scene at the moment she did and been brave enough to jump out and help my exhausted husband and Foxy get in her car, I believe we not only would have lost our dog, but my husband would have been more severely bitten or killed too.
We appreciate the quick response from our town animal control officer, Jessica Maggiora, who was professional, informative and sympathetic. She spoke with the pit bulls’ owner and removed the dogs into a 10-day quarantine at the shelter. Several outcomes are possible, including the pit bulls’ return to their owner.
When we asked the sheriff to come out and make a report also, he was reluctant, calling what happened to my husband a “dog bite” to be handled by animal control, but agreed to copy the original report written by Jessica.
The sheriff said we are allowed to arm ourselves if we have all the proper gun and carry permits. Without permits, we would be arrested for killing the attacking dog or dogs if not on our property. For the children who walk this same path to their bus stop twice daily; the young families walking their babies; and the seniors walking their older pets, the gun and carry permit thing may not be a desirable or financially viable option.
The problem with these dogs and others in the paper recently are the owners. Even if these killing machines are destroyed, the person responsible for making them this way will just go out and get new ones. These are not pets, they are used by their owners to feel more powerful than they actually are. They are cowards.
When will the owners be held accountable for what they have created? If a child is killed or maimed by one of these dogs, are there any consequences at all for the owner or is it just another “dog bite”?
Our Town Council members have determined that marijuana dispensaries are not to be tolerated here. Can’t we come together as a community and decide that vicious dog owners are not welcome here either? Why not pass a law requiring the owner to at least, AT LEAST, be responsible for the expenses incurred by the victims of their dogs’ attacks?

 (8) comments

It's illegal to plant landmines in the yard or leave hand grenades around the neighborhood when they might explode and cause catastrophic injuries.

Dogs can inflict comparable injuries and as in this case, horrific death.

These sidewalk attacks are worse than organized professional dog fights, where at least the humans all choose to attend and are rarely injured, it's one dog against one dog, and the dogs are matched by weight.

We need new affordable breed neutral laws with severe punishments to make all dog owners care enough to prevent that first attack.

Fines alone don't work as the wealthy simply pay them and the poor simply don't.

It's not possible to determine when a savage attack is pure disgusting negligence or actually intentional, and used as training for dog fighting.
Anyone who continues to own dogs after their dogs have killed a dog and harmed ahuman truly doesn't care about dog or human welfare.

We need affordable, breed neutral, severe punishments that will make all dog owners care enough to train and manage their dogs and prevent that first attack, all attacks.

New breed neutral law

Call these severe and fatal attacks what they are: animal neglect and cruelty.

Charge all the owners, handlers with the offense.

Immediately remove all dogs from the property, and these negligent cruel human's contact. It must be all the dogs in order to prevent the blaming of an innocent dog in order to save a prized but deadly dog. In addition, no dog should have to live with cruel humans who failed to train and keep the dogs safe.

Found guilty, all humans receive a lifetime ban on any dog ownership or handling.

Signs must be posted: No Dogs Permitted.

The FBI currently tracks convicted animal abusers as it's been show that those who are cruel to animals are disproportionately dangerous to humans. The FBI can become the national registry of these cruel humans.

Any dogs later found on the property shall immediately be confiscated.

Publicized and enforced, this breed neutral affordable law will begin to make dog owners care enough train and manage their dogs, prevent loose dogs and dog attacks.

Every person, business and group that has the welfare of all dogs as a priority would want to end these totally preventable crimes against dogs and humans.

I say we expand this psycho 's idea and BAN ALL dog owners from bringing their fake service dogs into stores . If they do we unleash pitbulls on them and kick them all out of town.

Makes about as much sense.
Agreed - I am so over entitled liars faking their dogs as service animals in stores, as if we all can't tell the truth. This is a nuisance, bordering on menace - it's just a matter of time before we witness aggressive dogs attacking kids and other dogs in stores - who needs that?
Animal Lover 
After reading this letter I was very concerned. I walk daily in my neighborhood and am always concerned about loose dogs.

I called the shelter and the dogs are being held for quarantine and investigation just like the letter said. The lady I spoke with at the shelter was very nice, but told me because I was not the owner of the dogs or the victim to the bite, there was very little information she could share. But she did say in cases like this, there is an investigation to determine what should be done to protect the public.

After speaking with her, it seemed the animal shelter did the right thing by taking the dogs and doing an investigation.

The dog owners should also be charged with negligence and assault, This is totally unacceptable.
This was my friend so I'll not say anymore -
Whatever happened to the owner whose dogs killed Lana Bergman? Shouldn't they at least be charged with manslaughter?
Sue the owner. Do this in any case. And see if you can press charges too - maybe the local prosecutor will be more on the ball than the cops. Don't wait for the county or the sheriff - you'll be waiting a long, long time - because they just don't care. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they're friends or family to the offender. Telling you to get a permit and arm yourself is irresponsible and pure laziness on their part - no one should have to arm themselves against a scofflaw neighbor who flagrantly ignores leash laws. What are kids supposed to do - carry guns too? That's ridiculous - the sheriffs are just playing games at that point. So, since law enforcement won't do their job, sue the neighbor for everything you can. And press charges for assault, too.


(KTAB/KRBC) – An Abilene mail carrier was reportedly attacked by four dogs Friday afternoon.
The man was delivering mail on the 1400 block of Park Avenue when at least FOUR DOGS, believed to be PIT BULLS, charged after him and bit him.
Neighbors say they heard a loud scream and saw the man being attacked by the pack of dogs.
They immediately helped him free and rushed him to the hospital.
“Bless his heart, he was asking me if he was gonna die. Like I said, he was really tore up and he was probably a little bit in shock. I told him, ‘you’re gonna be OK man, you’re gonna be OK,’ just trying to comfort him a little bit. Gave him a towel I had in the back seat of the truck and put the blinkers on and just got right to the emergency room as fast as I could,” says William Hayden, rescuer.
There’s currently no word on the extent of his injuries.
Two of the dogs were taken by Animal Control, but the other two escaped before the workers arrived.


According to the reports, investigators responded to 6517 Crescent Drive at 1:52 p.m. for reports of multiple dogs attacking 19-year-old teen. A witness told deputies that the teen had returned to the witness' home to pick up her purse after leaving it there on the night of August 22.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
The witness said she heard the victim screaming and ran to the door of her home where SHE SAW FOUR TO FIVE DOGS DRAGGING HER AND TOSSING HER IN THE AIR.  The witness told investigators she heard the victim scream, "No, Boscoe, and "Help me, help me!"
Officials with the sheriff's office said the victim was transported to University of Tennessee Medical Center.  According to records, when deputies arrived at the scene she was unresponsive, covered in mud and blood with her hair matted to her head.  According to the report, her clothes were gone because the dogs had torn them off. 
Deputies report that five dogs attacked the young woman including a mastiff named Boscoe, a Rottweiler named Buddy, another Mastiff named Camo, a pitbull named Nila, and a mastiff/ lab mix named Duke.

Duke was shot and killed by deputies. The others ran away after shots were fired.
The dogs' owners, who live at the neighboring home, told investigators that none of the dogs were current on their rabies vaccinations. Due to the severity of the victim's injuries, all of the dogs were taken to Young Williams Animal Center except Darla.
"The dogs were doing their jobs," the owner told investigators.
Deputies reported that when they tried to explain that this type of fence was not allowed, one of the owners claimed the deputy was "hostile" then yelled, "you shot my dog!"
WVLT News reached out to the University of Tennessee Medical Center to learn more about the 19-year-old's condition, but they were not permitted to release any information.
The investigation remains ongoing.
WVLT News chose not to release the name of the victim to protect her privacy, but readers should be aware of a fake GoFundMe account being shared on social media that cites the incident.


August 24 at 9:49 PM - Asking for prayers my daughter Adrieanna was attacked by six dogs yesterday. She’s now in critical condition. She has major muscle damage. With the major loss of blood she is now fighting liver and kidney issues. She’s going to need multiple surgeries over then next few days, with more to come after. She looking at 2 weeks icu if lucky, and months in the hospital after and years of physical therapy. She could use every prayer she can get.

August 26 at 6:57 PM   Update on Adrieanna: she’s still in extreme critical condition, and on life support. The last couple of days there has been so many ups and downs. Its been extremely busy keeping her alive to get her a fighting chance. We have been back and forth about having to amputate both arms. She even went into surgery to remove both arms today. In surgery the surgeon took extra efforts to work on her arms. He feels good enough with what he was able to do to them today to giver them an extra chance. She is still having organ failure too. Keep the prayers coming we still need them.

8 hrs Adrieanna update: she’s doing wonderful right now !! Last night was her first stable night!!! Over the night her life support settings were turned down to 50% which is amazing!!! She finally woke up a little. Which is amazing!!! We played some music for her, and even with tubes in she started lip singing along with Alexander Hamilton!!! She so strong and doing so amazing !!! She will be back in surgery today around 2 to work on her arms some more. They are very hopeful that things are looking good for them. So at this time amputation is currently off the table!!!! So keep those prayers coming they seem to be working!!! Thanks for all the continued prayers!!

2019 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES - 29  (9 children + 3 teenagers + 17 adults)

PIT BULL - 10  (KY 3, FL 2, CA 2, TX 2, MI 1)
BOXER ? - 1 (IA)

TX - 6
CA - 6
KY - 3
FL - 3
TN - 3
GA - 1
IA - 1
MA - 1
MI - 1 
MS - 1
NC - 1
NV - 1
SC - 1

Pit Breeder's 2 pits killed teen that climbed over their fence because nutter befriended him? - 27 
Neighbor's Loose Dogs - 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 26, 28, 29
Family Pit Killed child - 16
Family Husky Mix Killed Infant - 25
Family Pit/Mastiff Mix Killed child -21
The Pit at Grandma's House - 4,
The 2 Rottweilers at Grandpa's House - 13
Rottweiler owned by a friend Killed child at Grandpa's House - 15
The Rescued Pits at Aunt's House - 11
Land Squatters on victim's property with 4 Pits Running Loose - 2,
Australian Cattle Dog Killed Owner - 22
2 Doberman Show Dogs Killed Owner - 5,
2 Boxer Mixes Killed Owner - 7
2 Pits Killed Owner at Animal Shelter - 14 
Pit Killed Volunteer at Animal Shelter - 17
Relative's Dogs - 12
Babysitter's Dog - 10
Teenager Killed by 4 Dogs while doing work at a friend's kennel - 18
A Father Died while defending his daughter from a Boxer attack - 19
3 Pits/Pit Mixes killed homeless woman while walking early morning - 20
Possibly homeless man walking on road at night killed by neighbors 2+ Pit Bulls - 23
Man taking a shortcut on a trail through a wooded area killed by 6+ Pit Bull Mixes - 24

1)   1-9 -  Dianne Reves - 70 - Grenada County MS - A total of 7 dogs were taken into custody - The Sheriff's Department reported she suffered about several hundred dog bites - Facebook posts from a neighbor shows the dogs were GERMAN SHEPHERD/BLUE TICK HOUND MIX.

2)  1-16 - Lana Bergman - 70 - Joshua Tree CA - She was fatally mauled by 4 PIT BULLS that were living on her property.  

3)  1-21 - Edward Stanley - 85 - Amarillo, Potter County TX - He was severely mauled over his entire body by a PIT BULL AND A SHEPHERD MIX in his driveway - A passerby came to his aid but he died 2 weeks later -

4)  2-7 - Ashton McGhee - 1 - Guthrie KY - The 1-year-old baby boy lived in Hopkinsville KY and was visiting his grandparents' home when one of the family dogs came in from outside and attacked him - The Chief of Police said the PIT BULL MIX may have been spooked by a thunderstorm and then spooked again by the ball the child was playing with - "IT'S AN UNFORTUNATE FREAK ACCIDENT".

5)  2-8 - Elaine Richman - Houston TX - She owned two DOBERMAN PINSCHERS  that she trained as show dogs - She was found dead in her backyard with bite marks over her face and body. 

6)  2-15 - Angela Johnson - 54 - Anza Riverside County CA - On Dec 15, 2018, she was hanging out clothes on a line in her yard when a neighbor's 3 pit bulls mauled her - A main artery was bitten into on her neck and she suffered a severe stroke - She remained in a coma and died on Feb 9, 2019.

7) 2-21 - Nancy Burgess-Dismuke - 52 - Greenville SC - She was playing in her yard with 2 of her dogs said to be  BOXER MIXES - Neighbors heard her screaming and at first thought they were just playing, then realized they were mauling her  - several men came running and hit the dogs with various things but the tiny woman had lost so much blood from her upper extremities ... "one arm was hanging and the other was bitten off!!!"

8) 2-26 - Bessie Jill Peterson - 88 - Pall Mall Pickett County TN - She was airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center after being mauled around 5pm by a neighbor's dogs - 6 GERMAN SHEPHERDS - Her sister, who was in the home with her, says that she went outside to check on a drainage ditch and the flooding in her yard when the dogs attacked - She tried to help her sister but the dogs chased her back in.

9) 2-27 - Johnnie Mae Garner - 88 - Lubbock TX - Family members believe that the neighbor's dogs were trying to get to her dog in her backyard and she was trying to scare them away when they mauled her.  

10) 3 -5 - Jacari Long - 6 Months -Salisbury NC - The child's babysitter had gone outside to the car to clean off a seat for the baby boy when she heard her mother scream and ran inside to fine her ?PIT BULL/BOXER MIX? mauling him - He was taken to a local hospital then airlifted to Winston Salem where he was pronounced dead. 

 11) 3-8 - 2-Year-Old Boy - High Springs Alachua Co FL - While in the care of his grandmother who was letting out large dogs at his aunt's house - 2 of the dogs mauled the boy - He was pronounced dead at the scene and the grandmother was injured trying to save him - 6 dogs were taken from the home - They were adopted dogs from Rescues and appear to be Boxer/Pit mix, and various mixed breeds and a large Dogo Argentino - The 2 dogs that killed the baby were an American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull) and an American Bulldog.

12) 3-13 - Jimmy Lee Grigg - 53 - Galveston County TX - The Sheriff said he was fatally mauled by 3 dogs owned by a relative on the Grigg's property and he said the dogs were MIXED BREED INCLUDING ONE HEELER/MASTIFF MIX - Cause of death was from blood loss - His brother was the one that called 911 for help - A neighbor reported that she had called animal control several times because it sounded like dogs fighting on the property.

13) 3-22 - Jaysiah Chavez - 2 - Fresno CA - Apparently the child was in the care of his grandparents when he went into the front yard - Other children ran in to tell the grandmother that dogs had the child - She tried to get the 2 Rottweilers away and save him, as did the grandpa, but he died from the injuries.

14) 3-23 - Johana Villafane - 33 - Irving TX - She was visiting her 2 Pit Bulls that were quarantined at O'Connor Animal Hospital for biting someone earlier in the month - Someone noticed her lying unconscious outside in an exercize area - Responders could not get to her because of the viciousness of the meat grinders so police shot them - She was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries and later pronounced dead. 

15) 4-27 - Kyna Marie Pamela Deshane - 15-Months - Henderson NV - The child was fatally mauled by a 4-year-old Rottweiler owned by a family friend while she was at her grandfather's house - She was rushed to Henderson Hospital with Life-Threatening injuries and was pronounced dead there.

16) 5-2 - Isaiah Geiling -  2 to 3-year-old boy - Louisville KY - A woman ran from the small house in the Chickasaw Neighborhood to a next door neighbor saying a Pit Bull was attacking a child - Two men ran and began attempting to get the very vicious large dog off the child who was laying face down in pools of blood and barely breathing - He was rushed to a hospital but died from the massive injuries - It is now being reported that the Monster had attacked him before. 

17) 5-9 - Christine Liquori - The volunteer was found dead inside a fenced play area at the Humane Society of St. Lucie County - Fort Pierce FL - A medical examiner ruled that she died from severe blood loss due to dog bites.  

18) 5-9 - Ryan Hazel - 14 - Dighton Bristol County MA -  The teen's grandmother had driven him to his job at Scott Dunmore's house where he took care of about 11 dogs when Dunmore was in Boston - This usually took him about 45 minutes - When he did not return to his Grandmother's car, she called neighbors who came and found him severely mauled in the backyard - 4 dogs were loose and 7 were caged up ...3 Dutch Shepherds and 1 Belgian Malinois. 

19)  5-31 - Robert Joseph Quick - 33 - Fort Madison Lee County IA - The father died after defending his 5-year-old daughter from a large dog said to be a BOXER attacking her in the face - Officers arrived to find the large dog attacking a man lying on his back in the front yard - The dog refused to release so they shot it - Then they found Quick in the doorway of the home suffering from the dog attack and he ask they to please take care of his daughter who had been attacked in the face - He later died at Fort Madison Hospital ER - Autopsy pending to determine exact cause of death.

20) 6 -16 - Crystal Lynn Pearigen - 36 - Bakersfield Kern County CA - She was found dead with multiple dog attack injuries at 6am on June 16 near Costco parking lot - 3 dogs were identified and taken in - One Mixed Breed and Two Pit Bulls - The woman may have been homeless and authorities are searching for her family.

21) 6-27 - Nicholas Farris - 2 - Newman Stanislaus County CA - The child was fatally mauled in the rear yard of a residence by a family dog said to be a PIT BULL/MASTIFF MIX.

22) 6-28 - Maria Cristina Crawford - 54 - Ventura CA - A person returned home to find their family member dead - There was evidence that she might have been bitten by one or both of her dogs - A large Australian Cattle dog and a pit bull  - Authorities now say that after waiting for results from the medical examiners office it was determined that the Australian Cattle dog attacked her and was responsible for her death ...the same dog had turned on her and bitten her twice before. 

23) 6-29 - Brian Butler - 46 - Gilbertsville KY - A passerby found his body on the side the road and called police - An autopsy revealed that he died from sharp force trauma from a dog attack - Animal Control took 2 Pit Bulls found in the area and warned of the possibility that more dogs were involved.

24) 7-4 - Melvin Olds Jr - 45 - Lake Placid Highlands County FL - His family said that he took a shortcut through a wooded path and never came home - His body was found later with more than 100 dog bites - A pack of dogs had been seen hanging out in the neighborhood - Traps were laid and 6 strays were captured .... all PIT BULL MIXES.

25) 7-9 - Ruth Flores -  22-Days-Old  - Hall County GA - The Infant was mauled by the family's Husky Mix in a bedroom where she was sleeping.

26) 7-18 - Mario Williams - 40 - Memphis TN - A driver discovered the man being attacked on the street at about 2 am Thursday - The witness described a pack of dogs, 6 or 7 dogs, attacking the man who was severely mauled all over his body - He died shortly after arriving at Regional One Medical Center - It appears that a PIT MIX and a Mixed Breed  are 2 of the dogs captured so far.

27) 8-11 - Nelson Cabrera - 16 - Irving TX - A neighbor heard the barking and screaming in the backyard around  5am Saturday morning and climbed on top her truck to see the 3 adult pit bulls mauling the teenager - She called 911 as the victim tried to knock on the door to get the owner to let him in - Police arrived and went over the fence and shot one pit as it charged them - Besides the 3 adult pits, there were 4 puppies there also - The pit owner/breeder and backyard auto mechanic said he knew the boy and he had told him that he was homeless and he said that he wanted to help him ... So I guess this was the reason the teen was in his backyard!

28) 8-20 - Emma Valentina Hernandez - 9 - Detroit MI - It was reported that she went out to play and ride her bike possibly with a brother in her backyard and a neighbor's 3 pit bulls SOMEHOW GOT OUT and mauled her - Family members and neighbors gave her CPR but she died right there on the ground with her neck eaten out!!! 

29) 8-30 - Adrieanna O'Shea - 19 - Maryville TN - On Aug 23 the college student went to a home in Knox County to retrieve her purse she had left the day before - It was the middle of the day and the woman at the home heard screaming and looked out to see the neighbor's 5 dogs attacking the teenager - She was the dog's names and telling them to stop so she knew the dogs - The attack went on for 20 minutes - She was shredded all over especially her arms and was placed in a coma because of the blood loss and her organs shutting down - family prayed and surgery was done but she did not survive such catastrophic injuries. 


1-24 - Patricia Henson - 8-Months-Old - Tucson AZ - She was found dead with a dog near her - Severely and Catastrophically Mauled - An autopsy report of 3 bags of stomach contents showed baby teeth and skeletal fragments - A neighbor reported seeing a German Shepherd taken from the home - Her mother, Breanna Henson was arrested and charged with child abuse - more later.....

2-15 - Brenda Hamilton - 77 - Pantego Beaufort County NC - She was attacked around 6am on Friday morning on Indian Run Road - Canine DNA was found on her - Investigators are collecting DNA from "canines" in the area to find which animal horribly and fatally mauled her .....

4 - ? Freddie Mack - 57 - Venus Johnson County TX - Relatives had not heard from the reclusive man since April 19 so a search began on his property where he lived with 18 + or - dogs - The dogs were so aggressive that no one could get near to check his home - In mid May detectives found bone fragments, possibley human hair and pieces of clothing in and around feces - Tests were done and it proved to be remains of Mack - Authorities say that it is impossible to tell if Mack died from a medical condition and then was eaten by his dogs or if his dogs killed him and ate him! 

7-11 - Homer Utterback - 52 - Uniontown Fayette County PA - His girlfriend said she heard a noise in another room and went to see what it was and found him on the floor with the Pit Bull on top of him biting into his neck - By the time first responders arrived he was dead - Utterback considered the Pit Bull his "best friend" and had it for over a decade - He suffered from seizures and an autopsy will be done to see if it can be determined if he died from a medical condition first and then the Pit attacked him.