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In November of 2013, we adopted a little dog from the town animal shelter. We named her Foxy. She had been adopted two times and returned before she found her forever home with us. Foxy and my husband immediately bonded on their long walks together twice a day, total six miles. She loved to greet the neighbors and they loved her gentle, sweet nature.
On Thursday, Aug. 8, at 5 p.m. my husband and Foxy, who weighed just 24 pounds, were attacked on Skyline Ranch Road by TWO PIT BULLS. The dogs came out of an open gate at the first residence west of the old junk yard. They crossed over behind my husband to the south side of Skyline and began their surprise unprovoked, deadly attack on Foxy. My husband tried desperately to hold her up in the air but the two pits were able to pull them both down to the ground. The dogs were not phased by his attempts to fight them off.
Poor little Foxy was so viciously attacked that she could not even be stitched up as not enough of her belly skin was left; her hind leg was pulled apart from her body; she was covered with bite wounds; even her beautiful green and gold eyes were bruised and bloody. After two days of pain and suffering, she lost the fight and had to be put down.
I share the details of her injuries at the risk of exciting and encouraging these pit bulls’ owner, but I want people to know how dangerous these trained killers can be.
If our neighbor had not happened to drive up on the scene at the moment she did and been brave enough to jump out and help my exhausted husband and Foxy get in her car, I believe we not only would have lost our dog, but my husband would have been more severely bitten or killed too.
We appreciate the quick response from our town animal control officer, Jessica Maggiora, who was professional, informative and sympathetic. She spoke with the pit bulls’ owner and removed the dogs into a 10-day quarantine at the shelter. Several outcomes are possible, including the pit bulls’ return to their owner.
When we asked the sheriff to come out and make a report also, he was reluctant, calling what happened to my husband a “dog bite” to be handled by animal control, but agreed to copy the original report written by Jessica.
The sheriff said we are allowed to arm ourselves if we have all the proper gun and carry permits. Without permits, we would be arrested for killing the attacking dog or dogs if not on our property. For the children who walk this same path to their bus stop twice daily; the young families walking their babies; and the seniors walking their older pets, the gun and carry permit thing may not be a desirable or financially viable option.
The problem with these dogs and others in the paper recently are the owners. Even if these killing machines are destroyed, the person responsible for making them this way will just go out and get new ones. These are not pets, they are used by their owners to feel more powerful than they actually are. They are cowards.
When will the owners be held accountable for what they have created? If a child is killed or maimed by one of these dogs, are there any consequences at all for the owner or is it just another “dog bite”?
Our Town Council members have determined that marijuana dispensaries are not to be tolerated here. Can’t we come together as a community and decide that vicious dog owners are not welcome here either? Why not pass a law requiring the owner to at least, AT LEAST, be responsible for the expenses incurred by the victims of their dogs’ attacks?

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It's illegal to plant landmines in the yard or leave hand grenades around the neighborhood when they might explode and cause catastrophic injuries.

Dogs can inflict comparable injuries and as in this case, horrific death.

These sidewalk attacks are worse than organized professional dog fights, where at least the humans all choose to attend and are rarely injured, it's one dog against one dog, and the dogs are matched by weight.

We need new affordable breed neutral laws with severe punishments to make all dog owners care enough to prevent that first attack.

Fines alone don't work as the wealthy simply pay them and the poor simply don't.

It's not possible to determine when a savage attack is pure disgusting negligence or actually intentional, and used as training for dog fighting.
Anyone who continues to own dogs after their dogs have killed a dog and harmed ahuman truly doesn't care about dog or human welfare.

We need affordable, breed neutral, severe punishments that will make all dog owners care enough to train and manage their dogs and prevent that first attack, all attacks.

New breed neutral law

Call these severe and fatal attacks what they are: animal neglect and cruelty.

Charge all the owners, handlers with the offense.

Immediately remove all dogs from the property, and these negligent cruel human's contact. It must be all the dogs in order to prevent the blaming of an innocent dog in order to save a prized but deadly dog. In addition, no dog should have to live with cruel humans who failed to train and keep the dogs safe.

Found guilty, all humans receive a lifetime ban on any dog ownership or handling.

Signs must be posted: No Dogs Permitted.

The FBI currently tracks convicted animal abusers as it's been show that those who are cruel to animals are disproportionately dangerous to humans. The FBI can become the national registry of these cruel humans.

Any dogs later found on the property shall immediately be confiscated.

Publicized and enforced, this breed neutral affordable law will begin to make dog owners care enough train and manage their dogs, prevent loose dogs and dog attacks.

Every person, business and group that has the welfare of all dogs as a priority would want to end these totally preventable crimes against dogs and humans.

I say we expand this psycho 's idea and BAN ALL dog owners from bringing their fake service dogs into stores . If they do we unleash pitbulls on them and kick them all out of town.

Makes about as much sense.
Agreed - I am so over entitled liars faking their dogs as service animals in stores, as if we all can't tell the truth. This is a nuisance, bordering on menace - it's just a matter of time before we witness aggressive dogs attacking kids and other dogs in stores - who needs that?
Animal Lover 
After reading this letter I was very concerned. I walk daily in my neighborhood and am always concerned about loose dogs.

I called the shelter and the dogs are being held for quarantine and investigation just like the letter said. The lady I spoke with at the shelter was very nice, but told me because I was not the owner of the dogs or the victim to the bite, there was very little information she could share. But she did say in cases like this, there is an investigation to determine what should be done to protect the public.

After speaking with her, it seemed the animal shelter did the right thing by taking the dogs and doing an investigation.

The dog owners should also be charged with negligence and assault, This is totally unacceptable.
This was my friend so I'll not say anymore -
Whatever happened to the owner whose dogs killed Lana Bergman? Shouldn't they at least be charged with manslaughter?
Sue the owner. Do this in any case. And see if you can press charges too - maybe the local prosecutor will be more on the ball than the cops. Don't wait for the county or the sheriff - you'll be waiting a long, long time - because they just don't care. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they're friends or family to the offender. Telling you to get a permit and arm yourself is irresponsible and pure laziness on their part - no one should have to arm themselves against a scofflaw neighbor who flagrantly ignores leash laws. What are kids supposed to do - carry guns too? That's ridiculous - the sheriffs are just playing games at that point. So, since law enforcement won't do their job, sue the neighbor for everything you can. And press charges for assault, too.

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