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A grade six teacher is now battling for life after she was mauled for hours by a PACK OF PIT BULL DOGS  on Thursday.
The St Richards Primary School teacher was heard screaming for help “for hours” while she was being mauled by  AT LEAST FOUR DOGS   on Woodland Way, in Coopers Hill, St Andrew, neighbours and friends told The Gleaner.
They blasted the police, claiming a team did not show up until nearly four hours after the incident was reported.
The police have disputed this claim.
Police spokeswoman Deputy Superintendent Dahlia Garrick said based on her preliminary investigations that it did not take cops four hours to respond.
Garrick says an investigation is underway to establish, among other things, the time between when the police were notified of the attack and when a team arrived at Woodland Way.
“The call was placed to police control then dispatched to a team in the area. When they [the police team] got the call [from control] they were on another assignment”, Garrick explained.
“I am satisfied that this is not being treated lightly”, she insisted.
The family friend said when the attack ended, the sixth-grade teacher had lost an ear and “had wounds so deep doctors could barely stitch them”.
“Her legs were torn apart and she is swollen, especially her head”, the family friend disclosed.
It’s reported that she underwent surgery late yesterday and was expected to do another operation today. She remains in intensive care.
According to reports, the teacher, who moved to Coopers Hill shortly before the new school year began in September, was out for her regular evening walk when the incident happened.
The family friend said a neighbour reported hearing the cries for help for over an hour and thought something was wrong.
He reportedly went outside to find out what was happening when he saw the woman on the ground and four dogs mauling her.
“He said the more she moved is the more the dogs bite her so they told her to stay still and that’s when they stopped biting her and start licking the blood”, the friend told The Gleaner.
It’s reported that he ran to the Red Hills Police Station to get help, but the cops did not show up until nearly four hours later.
“When they got there the dogs were still mauling the woman. The dogs tried to attack the police and one of the policemen fired a shot in the air and the dogs ran”, the family friend claimed.
Garrick confirmed that when the police team arrived the woman was still being mauled by the dogs and had to be rescued by the cops.



One of the men who was first on the scene of a dog attack on a sixth-grade teacher has recounted seeing four pit bulls standing over the helpless woman laying on the road surface.
Delroy Foster says one of the dogs was standing to the side while another was “licking the blood” off the St Richards Primary School teacher as she was sprawled out on Woodland Way, in Coopers Hill, St Andrew.
“That time them bite, bite her up long time”, Foster told The Gleaner during an interview today.
He said he and another man had gone there in a car to assist his neighbour, but had to take refuge in the vehicle after the dogs turned their attention to them.
“The brethren who me call, him have a crow bar and him say we ago come out a the car and lick the dogs…we couldn’t come out because the dog dem a rush we”, he recounted.
After nearly three hours, Foster said the ordeal ended when one of the policemen who arrived at the scene shortly before 8pm fired a bullet into the sky as one of the dog attempted to attack the cops.
By this time, he said the sixth-grade teacher was naked from the waist down, with blood and bite marks all over her body.
He said the wounded woman was still able to tell police personnel her name as well as her daughter’s name and telephone number.
Foster said she also gave the police the dog owner’s name and asked to be taken to Andrews Memorial Hospital.
“The areas around the bite marks start to get black and she said she just wanted to get to the doctor”, he recounted.
Foster said he was first alerted to her plight around 5:30 pm.
He said he was at the back of his house, located about “a good distance” away from the scene of the attack when he heard a woman screaming ‘help, help…Lord, help me, somebody come help me’.”
“The dog them a bite, bite her up and a mek up noise same way”, he said.
Foster said he called a friend to go with him to assist the woman. He said when his friend arrived about one and a half hours later the woman was still screaming.
He acknowledged that a police team arrived at the scene almost an hour after he telephoned a friend and asked him to go inside the Red Hills Police Station and ask them to come and assist.
“Tell the police dem say I want assistance up a Coopers Hill right now ‘cause some pitbull up yah a kill one lady and we trap in a di car can’t come out”.
However, he said a policeman refused to take the phone from his friend, indicating that “them done hear already and no vehicle no deh deh”.
Foster believe it was God who caused him to be at the back of his house so he could help to rescue the teacher.
“If me never go over there [to Woodland Way] enuh, no police wouldn’t know say that happen enuh, nobody wouldn’t know. Maybe when the owner [for the dogs] come home him would a see her out in a the road dead”, he opined.
“Is just three houses on that side where she did a walk enuh and nobody never come home at the time and is not a popular road fi say vehicle ago pass and somebody ago see her and assist her”.

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