Thursday, October 24, 2019


Oleta Bird says she's lucky to be alive after suffering bites in an attack by two dogs.
Now she's calling for something to be done about dogs on the loose.
Bird was on a regular Saturday walk when she was mauled by two canines.
"It happened so sudden," she said. "The dogs pounced on me from the back, and one of them was on each leg, and I didn't have time to think. All I could think of was to getting home and getting help."
Bird managed to break away and walk three blocks the home of her daughter-in-law, Sue Lewis. It was her only option as she was losing blood.
"I kept saying, 'Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" Lewis recalled.
It turns out that the  CATAHOULA MIX CANINES  did have a home; they escaped their fence.
The dogs also didn't have their shots.
"Not only does she have the pain in the legs hurting, she's got to worry about if she's going to have to take those rabies shots," Lewis said.
Right now, the dogs are quarantined at a vet, but the worry isn't just with those animals.
"Everywhere I walk, I nearly have to dodge dogs, and some of them come out vicious and some of them are just friendly... but who knows which is which?" Bird asked.
"Either the owners are not keeping the dogs on a leash or securing them, or the dogs are getting loose," Achille police Chief Stephen Isedeh said. "So right now what we are doing is enforcing our animals at large ordinance."
It's not a certain fix. Owners first get a warning to give them time to make adjustments. A citation will follow if non-compliance continues.
"It's important to get your dogs taken care of," Chief Isedeh said. "Put them on a leash if you're going to let them outside, or put them inside of a closed fence. Otherwise, keep your dogs inside the house; it's just that simple."
To prevent future attacks like Bird experienced -- or even more tragic ones -- Achille police say they are working to get the right resources in place to start capturing dogs if need be.
Meanwhile, Oleta Bird continues her recovery.
"I'm kind of weak and nervous," she said. "It makes me real nervous to think about it."

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