Wednesday, October 9, 2019


(KMVT/KSVT) — A 3-year-old Bliss girls is recovering after being attacked by a family dog.

Nevaeh Lynne Goedhart was attacked by a dog Monday, Sept. 30 at her great aunt's house in Bliss. The Gooding County Sheriff's Office investigated the incident. Sheriff Shaun Gough said the girl was playing in the house and took off running, when a  PIT BULL  that belonged to her family attacked her causing severe leg damage. The young girl was taken by a medical helicopter to Boise for medical treatment.
Her Great Aunt Glenda King, was at home watching Nevaeh, along with Nevaeh's older brother, when she heard a strange noise coming from the area where Nevaeh was playing with the dog.
"Was that a cry, was that a scream? And I said 'Javen, go get her,'" King said.
Naveah's brother, Javen, who heard the sounds, rushed inside and found the dog attacking Nevaeh.
"HE ALREADY LOCK-JAWED ON HER BACK RIGHT LEG AND JUST STARTED TOSSING HER AROUND,"  Javen said. "I kicked him three times. Once in the jaw, once in the ribs, and once in the back legs."

"You could see the rip on her leg, and she was crying," King said. "I grabbed her, and he went and got a towel for me."
Nevaeh's mother, Alexiss Goedhart, was just getting off work at the Oxbow Cafe in Bliss, just a few miles from the scene of the incident when she received notice of what happened.
"Apparently she got the phone call as she was leaving," Leslie Jones, the owner of Oxbow Cafe said.
Jones said everyone at the cafe was concerned for both of them.
"It was just utter chaos. It was crazy around here," she said.
Nevaeh's mother Alexiss said after she made it to Nevaeh, she took her to the Oxbow Cafe to meet the ambulance quicker. When they arrived, emergency responders discovered she would need to be flown to St. Luke's in Boise.
"Life Flight only took 13 minutes and they put a doctor on-board, which I was told wasn't normal procedures," Alexiss Goedhart said.
Nevaeh endured two surgeries at St. Luke's, and at one point her mother feared one of her legs would need to be amputated. But during her and her mother's time in the hospital, the Bliss community rallied behind her.
"That's when we did the GoFundMe. People were asking, 'Hey, where can we help?'" Ciara Hulme, a co-worker of Alexiss's at the Oxbow Cafe said. "I'm willing to help out, they're willing to help out, everyone was willing to help out. It was more than just our town, Gooding County has come together and said, 'Hey, let's help out.'"
Along her road to getting better, Nevaeh even had members of the Boise State Bronco Football team come see her in the hospital. And while the incident started out as a tragedy, thanks to the support of the community and the team at St. Luke's, Nevaeh was discharged from the hospital on Monday and is with her mother.
"She honestly took some steps on our way out of the hospital. So she's walking, not a lot, but she is" Alexiss said. "I'm just amazed."
The dog that attacked Nevaeh was put down shortly after the incident in what was described as a tough decision for the family. Alexiss said she holds no blame for the situation, and would like to thank everyone back home in Bliss, and especially everyone on the fourth floor of St. Luke's in Boise.
As of Oct. 7, the GoFundMe set up by Ciara has raised over $1,000 dollars, view the fundraiser here

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