Tuesday, October 29, 2019


(WDBJ7) - It was a chaotic morning for one northeast neighborhood. Two dogs running loose attacked other dogs and their owners before police started shooting.

It happened near the intersection of Yeager Avenue and 18th St. NE. According to police, TWO ROTTWEILERS  escaped from the backyard and began to run through the neighborhood.
Police were called after the Rottweilers, one of which is named Baby, attacked a small dog. According to the owner, the Chihuahua is in intensive care at Angels of Assisi.
"My neighbor across the street had come over with his wife and was asking me to call the police," said neighbor Michael Bowler. "He said one of his dogs had been attacked by some Rottweilers over in the neighborhood."
Police arrived on scene and began to follow the dogs. Neighbors say they roamed the neighborhood. When they got to the intersection of 18th St and Yeager Avenue, the dogs attacked another person who was walking their dog.
Surveillance video from the home where the Rottweilers live showed police, who were on the other side of the street, rush to the aid of the pedestrian. It was then that police say one officer began shooting at the dog and hit one of the dogs who was attacking the person.
"And then I heard a police officer fire five or six rounds at what, it was out of my view, but apparently at the dog," Bowler said. "And within a minute, the second Rottweiler came off the hill over here and walked past me and trotted up and over the hill and that's the last I saw of it."
It was then that both dogs took off. The one which was injured returned to the property, as seen in surveillance video. The other was seen running through the parking lot of Little Caesars before being caught by Animal Control near 13th Street and Eastern Avenue.
The injured dog is now dead. While WDBJ7 was on scene, this reporter could hear a gun being fired behind the house. Later on, Animal Control removed the dog's body from the home.
One person was injured but police say they're not sure whether the minor injury came from the Rottweiler's or from the victim's own dog during the attack.
"I love the police to come around here but when they're running around you got, them having to shoot things that's never a pleasant thing," said Bowler.
Animal related charges are pending for the owner of the Rottweilers who told WDBJ7 her dogs were not vicious and that she wanted to know why her dog was killed.

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