Saturday, November 23, 2019


(WTOC) - A vicious dog attack was caught on camera in Bryan County. A Ring doorbell camera captured it all on video.
In the video, a man is walking his dog on a leash in his own yard.
Then, to the right of the screen, a grey dog walks into the yard, pauses for a moment, then attacks.
It was a nightmare no family wants to experience when it comes to a four-legged family member.
Owner Bin Li remembers the moments leading up to his 10-month-old pup Max’s attack in Richmond Hill.
“I was playing with my dog and my kids in our front yard and a stranger’s dog came out from nowhere and just popped up on my property and start attacking my dog,” Li said.
He says it was a moment that he’ll never forget.
"I was trying to separate them and then I got bit too on my hand...I was scared and glad there was a postman right over there and he helped me put down the pit bull.”
Li and his wife Jane say their dog Max’s belly was ripped open. He endured two hours of surgery and 75 stitches. He’s having a hard time sleeping and even sitting down.

“I feel like my hearts broken,” said Chen. “When I saw Max, my heart broke.”
Chen says their sweet pup is now traumatized for life.
“At that time I was working and my husband called me and he told me the Max problem," said Chen. "I couldn’t work anymore, I said I just want to go home and see Max.”
Chen credits the help of a mailman who happened to be in the area.
“If no mailman, I told my husband maybe he die.”
A Richmond Hill Police report identified Arazane Hilton as the owner. She was charged for animal running at large. Hilton says her dog has never acted this way.
“He’s usually the sweetest dog," Hilton said. "Like just a giant teddy bear pretty much and we’re shocked that this even happened.”
Hilton says her dog remains in a 10-day quarantine in the custody of animal control.
“I would like to speak to the other party involved and just get it over with pretty much. We’re sorry for the incident and we’re sorry that he got bit. We’re sorry that his dog got hurt," Hilton said. "But we’re also affected by the situation.”
Hilton is awaiting a court appearance. A judge will determine if her dog is dangerous.
Hilton says she does not know how her pitbull “Noob” got out of her backyard. She was home inside with her two children.

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Anonymous said...

"Hilton is awaiting a court appearance. A judge will determine if her dog is dangerous."

When a pit bull attacks another dog on the other dog's own property, unprovoked, bites the other dog's owner, rips the dog's stomach open, it's pretty obvious the pit bull is dangerous. There should not be a hearing to determine if the pit bull is dangerous.

I'm really sick of the "single" incident mentality. If a pit bull has never attacked before, there is no history of bites, the pit bull gets a one free maul pass. That needs to end. The severity of the attack should be a part of the determination.

A single bite is a single incident. A sustained attack, multiple victims, and severe injuries is not a "bite" or a single incident.

This is how nutters get the upper-hand in their whole, "pit bulls are just like regular dogs." NO THEY ARE NOT! Regular dogs, normal dogs, pet dogs, will bite once and retreat. Normal dogs get a free pass for a single bite incident.

We need to change our laws to match a common sense approach. Nutters want each individual pit bull to be judged individually instead of by their breed, which is absurd. When the pit bull finally succumbs to its DNA, determine it dangerous the first time. That type of law will weed out the breed eventually anyway, without the oh so offensive breed specific legislation nutters are so afraid of. We need to have victims first before we can get rid of offending pit bulls.