Monday, November 18, 2019


Neighbors rushed to help an elderly woman trying to fight off a large dog attacking her beloved chihuahua, but she still ended up brutally injured.
Dolores East wound up being mauled by the dog herself sending her to the emergency room with serious injuries to her hand.
We warn you, some may find the video and photos in this story disturbing.
Dolores East is missing her companion "Derkie," the chihuahua mix attacked in her front yard Tuesday by a dog who got away from its owner.
"He died such a horrific death," East said. "It happened within seconds, I mean it just in no time the damn dog had killed him."
The 75-year old is seen on security camera video running to break things up, but it was too late.
"I'm screaming my head off, finally neighbor Jennifer came across and some other neighbors started to come," East said.
Video from another angle shows the flurry of activity as neighbors rushed to help.
"They helped me but it was too late, Derkie was already badly injured," East said.
The attacking dog was restrained by neighbors while one of the two injured dogs was comforted, that's when a glimmer of hope was revealed for the chihuahua.
"Our neighbor had noticed that the dog was still breathing we thought it was dead and so he was like he's still breathing," Jennifer Barajas said.
The dog was rushed to a nearby veterinarian. Jennifer Barajas drove Dolores East to the emergency room.
A bite to Dolores' hand tore through her skin, severing her veins.
Her adrenaline was so high during the attack, she didn't realize she was hurt.
"All I remember is standing over there and blood just gushing all over me and then I got a towel and the towel was soaked," East recounted.
The veterinarian tried, but was unable to save the beloved chihuahua.
We learned the dog that attacked had wandered from several streets over.
"I want that dog to be put down," East said. "That dog has no business running a neighborhood where there are children and there are small animals, there are cats, you know he's a killer."
Animal Care Services picked up the animal and said the owner has been given at least three citations.
"He's a killer, that dog is a killer and he needs to put down."
The dog remains in quarantine and at this point can still be reclaimed by the owner. Dolores East wants the owner to at the very least pay for her hospital and vet bills.

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Antidogbite said...

Hope this poor woman gets her wish. The dog should be put down and the owner should be held responsible for the medical bills.