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The mother of the 4-month-old Dayton baby who was killed by a dog last week was sleeping on a couch, possibly after taking prescription medication, when the child’s father found the baby dead on the floor, according to a search warrant filed by Dayton police.

McKenzie Terwell died from blood loss due to extensive soft tissue trauma, and her death was ruled an accident, according to Montgomery County Coroner Dr. Kent Harshbarger. Dayton Police said the baby was attacked by a dog.

The Dayton Daily News on Wednesday obtained an affidavit written by Dayton Police Detective Karina Sulek seeking permission to search and collect evidence in the case. An attempt to reach Terwell and Shoup for this story was unsuccessful Wednesday.

Sulek wrote when officers arrived at the home on the 100 block of Vermont Avenue on Jan. 9, the baby’s father, Parker Terwell, was on the front porch with the baby’s remains.

“Mr. Terwell said he just arrived home, and his girlfriend and mother of the child, Mary Shoup, was asleep on the living room sofa,” the affidavit in the search warrant requests says. “Mr. Terwell informed officers that Ms. Shoup is on prescription medication.”

Prescriptions were seen next to the sofa, according to the affidavit, and Shoup was prescribed them.  “The prescriptions included Alprazolam, Bupropion and Sertalian, Known side effects of these prescriptions are: drowsiness, cognitive dysfunction and insomnia,” the affidavit says.

Also, the affidavit says officers were told by Parker Terwell that he had thrown a marijuana bong in the kitchen trash can before police arrived.

The affidavit said the baby was badly injured when officers arrived.

The information in the search warrant seems to support what was said during a 9-1-1 call alerting authorities that the baby had died. In that call, Parker Terwell tells a dispatcher that he just got home from work and he found his baby dead on the floor alone.

“She’s cold. She’s gone,” Parker Terwell said while crying.
He tells the dispatcher that McKenzie’s mother was supposed to be watching her.No funeral services for McKenzie had been publicized by Wednesday afternoon.The search warrant says officers collected evidence at the home when they searched it Friday. The evidence included photographs, suspected human remains, a bong, medications, vials of suspected alcohol, DNA swabs and tin plate residue.It was returned on Monday, according to the search warrant.Police have not said whether any charges are pending in the investigation, however, the search warrant lists endangering children as a possible charge.


(WDTN) – Police are investigating after an infant died of injuries sustained from being attacked by a family dog.
Shortly before midnight on January 9, Dayton officers responded to the 100 block of Vermont Avenue for reports of an infant not breathing.
According to Lt. Jason Hall, Commander of the Violent Crime Bureau, officers found that the child had been attacked by the family dog and died of her injuries.
The Coroner’s Office later identified the child as 4-month-old McKenzie Terwell and ruled the death an accident
According to the coroner, the infant bled to death.
The dog, who Dayton Police tell us is a  PIT BULL,  has since been quarantined and the incident is under investigation by the police department’s Special Victims Unit.
Two “beware of dog” signs are posted at the front of the Vermont Avenue home.
According to a 911 call, a parent had returned home to find the baby on the floor and not breathing. The parent also told the dispatcher a family member was supposed to be watching the girl.
“It’s painful to have that young of a child taken out of your life because of a dog,” said Darleen Bohannon, a neighbor.
Bohannon told 2 NEWS she has seen at least two to three pit bulls in the family’s fenced yard, as recently as this past fall.
“Really we didn’t hear them,” she said. “Unless there was somebody [coming] around.”
Bohannon said from what she has seen, the dogs never appeared to be aggressive. But now, especially as a dog owner herself, she said she’s concerned.
“I hope that they don’t let the dogs back to them,” Bohannon said. “I hope that she can recover from the loss of her baby girl. And I hope the family just has some kind of peace.”
While police have not released the exact circumstances in this case, veterinarians say a young child should never be left alone with any pet, and under supervision, parents should make sure there’s some kind of barrier between the two.
“I think the parent should be actually holding the infant,” said Dr. Daniel Brauer, a veterinarian and owner of Dayton South Veterinary Clinic. “The infant should never be put down on the floor and let the pet come up and lick it or lay on it or lay next to it.”
A spokesperson for the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center was unable to release any further information on the investigation.

2020 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES - 2   1 adult + 1 infant (4 mos)


KY - 1 (1)
OH - 1 (2) 

Girl friend Arrested for using Pit as weapon to Kill Man in back yard
Unfortunate Accident as 4-month-old girl bled to death ...found in floor attacked by family pit   

2) 1-9 McKenzie Terwell - 4 months old - The father of the infant returned home to find the baby on the floor not breathing - He told the dispatcher that a family member was supposed to be watching the child - The child bled to death from the injuries - A neighbor said that they had seen 3 to 4 pit bulls in the yard this summer - They are saying that she was attacked by 1 pit and it was ruled "AN ACCIDENT". A later article says that the mother of the baby was asleep on the couch after taking prescription drugs and did not wake up during the attack.

1)  1-10 Donald W. Abner - 55 -  Conway, Rockcastle County KY -  Police were called around 3:40am on Friday morning by neighbors who said there was a commotion in a yard nearby - One article reported that a girl friend of the victim who was staying with him at the home and owned the Pit Bull was standing near the body jumping on him and ordering the pit bull to attack him - Police were met by the very aggressive pit and they shot it to gain access to the victim - The woman was traumatized by the attack and was taken to a hospital for observation - The victim had bites on his head and face but autopsies will be conducted on both the victim and the dog - The woman was arrested for using a pit bull as a weapon against the man.

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