Tuesday, January 28, 2020


(WTHR) — A 26-day-old baby died Saturday after a dog attack in a Lafayette home.

Police got the call to a home on Greenbush St. near Market Square just after 11:30 a.m. after the victim's brother called 911 to report the attack.
Police said the family's pit bull mix and beagle mix dogs had been fighting and the brother separated the dogs.
"The two dogs were engaged in some sort of a fight in the bedroom where the infant was staying. The brother was actually able to separate the beagle away from the pitbull, take it out of the room and when he returned, he found that the PIT BILL  had attacked the infant," Lafayette Police Lt. Matt Gard said. "The infant did suffer some catastrophic injuries."
The first officer to arrive at the home found the pit-mix dog standing over the severely injured infant.
"He could see that the baby had some pretty severe injuries and he believed the infant needed immediate lifesaving aid," Gard said. "Unfortunately, in order to render aid to the infant, the officer did fire his handgun one time, striking the dog, killing it."
Julian was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The Tippecanoe County coroner said a preliminary autopsy showed the baby died from multiple sharp force injuries from dog bites. The coroner is calling the attack accidental.
It's not clear where exactly the baby was in the bedroom when the attack started. Police say the baby's mom was home at the time of the attack.
Gard said the incident is affecting officers on the force in Lafayette.
"A lot of our officers have young children of our own and seeing this is definitely tragic incident. It's one we hope we don't have to encounter again," Gard said. "Supervision of your children at all times is paramount. You never know, even the most friendly dog could turn. You never know." 

One neighbor told Eyewitness News he believed there should be a permit or license required to own a pit bull.
"Because it is a dangerous dog, dangerous breed. And it's not really what you would consider a family dog," said the man, who only gave his first name, James. "Where I'm from, in New York, you have to get a permit for that type of breed. Same thing should be here. Same thing to avoid that happening again."
The beagle mix was taken to the Purdue Veterinary Hospital for treatment of its injuries.



2020 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES - 4  (2 adults + 2 infants )


IN - 1 (4)
KY - 1 (1)
NM - 1 (2)
OH - 1 (3) 

Friend's Pit Killed Man in his own Yard
Parent's Pit Killed 4 month old with Mother Sleeping in same room
Pack of Dogs Killed Woman Walking on the Street 

1)  1-8 - Kay Torres - 52 - Taos Pueblo NM - Mauled to death by a Pack of Dogs mid morning on Wednesday, January 8 - The longtime teacher's backpack was found in the street and the dogs were standing over her - She had many dog bites to her body.

2) 1-9 - McKenzie Terwell - 4 months old - Dayton OH - The father returned home to find the infant on the floor not breathing - He  told the dispatcher that a family member was supposed to be watching the child - The child bled to death  -  A neighbor said that they had seen 3 to 4 pit bulls in the yard this summer - Reports say she was attacked by 1 pit and it was ruled "AN ACCIDENT - However, now they are reporting that the mother was asleep on the couch and had taken prescription drugs and did not hear the dog kill the baby.

3) 1-10 - Donald W. Abner - 55 -  Conway, Rockcastle County KY -  Police were called around 3:40am on Friday morning by neighbors who said there was a commotion in a yard nearby - One article reported that a girl friend of the victim who was staying with him at the home and owned the Pit Bull was standing near the body jumping on him and ordering the pit bull to attack him - Police were met by the very aggressive pit and they shot it to gain access to the victim - The woman was traumatized by the attack and was taken to a hospital for observation - The victim had bites on his head and face but autopsies will be conducted on both the victim and the dog - The woman was arrested for using a pit bull as a weapon against the man.

4) 1-25 - Julian Connell - 26 days old - Lafayette IN - It was reported that the infant was in a bedroom and the pit bull began fighting the beagle - apparently in the same room - a teenage brother managed to take the beagle out but later returned and the pit bull was standing over the baby that had injuries to head and neck - The teenage brother called 911 - It appears the mother was in the home at the time. 

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First month of the year, and pit bulls are keeping their statistics accurate. 1 death per week. GO TEAM PIT BULLS!

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